Sweet Treat
Posted 5 days ago

Prepare to get mesmerized by a world of sweets in Ottolenghi and the Caked of Versailles. Preparing for The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Versailles exhibit, Chef Yotam Ottolenghi assembles a…

‘Ottolenghi and the Cakes of Versailles’ Is A Sweet Treat
Campos Interview
Posted 1 week ago

'The Devil All The Time' follows an unholy preacher, a twisted couple, and crooked sheriff as they converge around young Arvin Russell as he fights the evil forces that threaten…

‘I think that’ll be one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever made or been part of making’ | Campos on the religious tones and his favorite scene from ‘The Devil All The Time’
Well Intentioned
Posted 2 weeks ago

Successful author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it's too late.

Great Intentions: Monáe Shines as ‘Antebellum’ Undermines
Unsettled 'Nest'
Posted 2 weeks ago

Carrie Coon and Jude Law shine as a husband and wife in a toxic marriage in Sean Durkin's newest feature.

‘The Nest’ Brings Horror Elements To Family Drama
Posted 2 weeks ago

'The Devil All The Time' follows an unholy preacher, a twisted couple, and crooked sheriff as they converge around young Arvin Russell as he fights the evil forces that threaten…

‘The Devil All The Time’ offers a haunting look at backwoods America

‘Tesla’ Has Electric Originality

by Jonah Desneux August 21, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Tesla’ is a bizarre biopic telling the story of the famous electrical inventor. The film excels with its unique storytelling and a wonderful performance by Eve Hewson.

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‘The Pale Door’ Has Fun Mixing Witches With the Wild West

by Warren Cantrell August 20, 2020 Print Reviews

A genre-bending romp through the old west that mixes cowboys with cauldrons, ‘The Pale Door’ is bloody good fun.

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‘Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies’ director Danny Wolf reveals all

by Nick Spacek August 18, 2020 Blogs

‘Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies’ is a fascinating and illuminating look at how social mores have changed, as well as how the industry itself treats the subject. Therefore, it was really great to speak with director Danny Wolf Wolf about his recent spate of work, and the art of presenting underrepresented topics onscreen.

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The title says it all: ‘Random Acts of Violence’

by Nick Spacek August 18, 2020 Print Reviews

Jay Baruchel’s ‘Random Acts of Violence’ is a steady stream of unpleasant encounters which alternate between teeth-grinding interpersonal interactions and blunt physical violence.

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Sign Up For Apple TV+ Just To Watch A24’s ‘Boys State’

by Jonah Desneux August 13, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Boys State’ is a wonderful documentary capturing the mock political conflict of the 2018 Texas Boys State. Full of emotions and symbolism, it’s an insightful look into the current state of American politics.

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Trejo and multicultural cast don’t quite elevate ‘Murder in the Woods’

by Nick Spacek August 13, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Murder in the Woods’ is a standard mainstream slasher, which means that, while the multicultural casting is something new, the way in which the cast is utilized isn’t.

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‘The Silencing’ Should be Silenced

by Warren Cantrell August 13, 2020 Print Reviews

A suspense thriller desperately short on suspense, ‘The Silencing’ feels less like a fully formed movie and more like the first cut of a first draft.

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‘The Tax Collector’ Needs An Audit

by Warren Cantrell August 6, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Tax Collector’ has an interesting premise, yet is a cobbled together mess of almost-art that recycles interesting components of better work.

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Real-Life Father And Son Struggle in ‘Made in Italy’

by Jonah Desneux August 6, 2020 Print Reviews

Real-life father and son Liam Neeson and Michael Richardson star in James D’Arcy’s directorial debut about a dysfunctional father and son coming together. The film doesn’t live up to its on paper potential and instead is dreadfully dull.

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‘Rebuilding Paradise’ an honorable tribute to a town ravaged by tragedy

by Joe Jarosz July 30, 2020 Print Reviews

Ron Howard follows four people for one year as they deal with the loss of a town caused by a wildfire. The Camp Fire killed 85 people and is known as California’s most destructive wildfire.

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Natalia Dyer Goes Through Strange Things in ‘Yes, God, Yes’

by Warren Cantrell July 23, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Yes, God, Yes’ is a decent flick that takes a run at a very real, albeit uncinematic, moment in every person’s life (sexual discovery).

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Book ‘The Rental’, a New Thriller from director Dave Franco

http://www.scene-stealers.com/wp-content/uploads//2020/07/r2-66x66.jpg by Warren Cantrell July 23, 2020 Print Reviews

If a person ever asked themself what it might have looked like if Alfred Hitchcock screwed around in the slasher genre, ‘The Rental’ might be the ticket.

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Great Ending Helps Horror Exercise ‘The Rental’ Land a Little Harder

by Nick Spacek July 23, 2020 Print Reviews

In ‘The Rental,’ the acting’s competent, the score ups the tension fairly effectively, and the game of waiting to see whose secrets and failures will be discovered (and how) is entertaining enough.

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‘The Other Lamb’ a Cult Film That Won’t Become A Classic

by Jonah Desneux July 21, 2020 Print Reviews

A gruesome tale about an all-female cult and the evil Christ-like man who leads them, it’s disturbing yet visually stunning. However a lackluster script keeps the film from reaching its great potential.

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“Sexy” Rip-Off of ‘The Craft’ Fails in Almost Every Way

by Nick Spacek July 14, 2020 Print Reviews

This is a movie which could’ve been fun, but ‘Coven’ fails because it takes all of the tropes of the witch movie and only looks at the surface for its inspiration.

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