Edward GunsForHands
Posted 2 days ago

'Guns Akimbo' may become better known as “that movie where Harry Potter has guns bolted to his hands,” and that's a pretty apt elevator pitch of the movie.

Bloody Action Fun as Radcliffe Goes ‘Guns Akimbo’
Check Out Time
Posted 6 days ago

'The Night Clerk' is interesting, yet the central mystery’s vacancy and lack of urgency ultimately holds the whole effort back.

Don’t Check In for “The Night Clerk”
Needs an Assist
Posted 1 week ago

An exploration of Hollywood’s casting couch culture pre-#MeToo, 'The Assistant' does a great job setting the stage for its story, yet fumbles telling it.

‘The Assistant’ Struggles to Keep Up
Rising Star
Posted 2 weeks ago

If you're a fan of genre cinema, actor Munro Chambers is a rising star. He appeared in one of the best small-ensemble black comedies we've seen in years, 'Harpoon,' wherein…

Interview: Munro Chambers from black horror comedy ‘Harpoon’
Jojo Shepherd
Posted 3 weeks ago

A World War II Holocaust-adjacent film that’s appropriate for the whole family, 'Waiting for Anya' succeeds on its own merits.

‘Waiting for Anya’ is the ‘Deep Impact’ to ‘Jojo Rabbit’s’ ‘Armageddon’

‘1917’ Is the Movie to End All Movies

by Warren Cantrell January 2, 2020 Print Reviews

Tense, gripping, beautiful, and brutally relentless, director Sam Mendes has achieved something extraordinary with his newest feature, ‘1917.’

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Top 10 Movies of 2019

by Eric Melin December 29, 2019 Top 10s

As Scene-Stealers.com enters our 15th year of bringing you unique perspectives on current movies, we polled our critics for their own Top 10 list of 2019’s best movies, and these are the ones that made the cut.

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Relax: ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Isn’t That Bad…From a Certain Point of View

by Warren Cantrell December 24, 2019 Print Reviews

Don’t for one second try to tell me that it is even in the same league of mediocrity as the prequel trilogy.

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‘Spies in Disguise’ is feathery fun

by Kate Walz December 24, 2019 Print Reviews

The kids will have fun at ‘Spies in Disguise.’

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Big Praise for ‘Little Women’

by Warren Cantrell December 20, 2019 Print Reviews

Greta Gerwig has absolutely knocked it out of the park with her take on Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women,’ which is as affecting as it is relevant.

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‘Cats’ doesn’t even deserve a clever cat pun

by Kate Walz December 20, 2019 Print Reviews

It’s pretty awful, but ‘Cats’ is somebody’s kink, somewhere.

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The End of an Era and ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

by Simon Williams December 19, 2019 Print Reviews

Star Wars, at its best, explores these kinds of messy, difficult places in an arc mythic setting, better allowing us to delve into those emotional pits contained within us. Not this one.

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by Eric Melin December 16, 2019 Blogs

“1917,” Sam Mendes’ look at a secret mission during World War I, was named the Best Film of the Year by the Kansas City Film Critics Circle. The film also took home honors for Mendes’ direction and for its cinematography.

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‘Bombshell’ Easily Defused, Fizzles Out

by Warren Cantrell December 13, 2019 Print Reviews

A ripped-from-the-headlines drama with timely themes and an A+ cast, ‘Bombshell’ has everything it needs to succeed, yet sucks all the same.

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Sitting Through This Movie is ‘The Madness Within’

by KB Burke December 6, 2019 Print Reviews

‘The Madness Within’ is a sex-and-drug fueled bore and seems like a total vanity project from writer-director-actor Hunter G. Williams.

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‘Daniel Isn’t Real’ Brings Just Enough New Ideas to Play With

by Nick Spacek December 5, 2019 Print Reviews

Director Adam Egypt Mortimer has made a quality sophomore outing, with traces of other twisty real-or-not movies, that’s totally worth catching.

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‘Knives and Skin’ a True Genre-defying Experience

by Nick Spacek December 5, 2019 Reviews

Jennifer Reeder’s ‘Knives and Skin’ is less about plot or genre, and more about feeling our way through the movie, and coming out the other side with a sense of having experienced something with wonder and curiosity.

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‘Queen & Slim’ Is An Unforgettably Intense Ride

by Jonah Desneux December 4, 2019 Print Reviews

Queen & Slim follows the story of a young couple on the run from the law after the murder of a police officer in an act of self defense. The film is powerful and will leave you with a plethora of conflicting emotions.

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Say ‘I Do’ to ‘Marriage Story’

by Warren Cantrell December 2, 2019 Print Reviews

[Rating: Rock Fist Way Up] Love and hate operate on opposite sides of a famously thin line, as they both require commitment and passion that draw from a very personal well of emotion. To hate with a purpose is to invest deeply in that person or object, and like love, this passion does not come […]

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‘Knives Out’ Is Razor Sharp and Really, Really Fun

by Warren Cantrell December 1, 2019 Print Reviews

A classic parlor mystery whodunnit with Agatha Christie sensibilities and the sheen of America’s 2019 sociopolitical landscape, ‘Knives Out’ is as smart as it is fun.

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