Hallucinatory Hubris
Posted 7 hours ago

Hype is a strange thing. It can create anticipation or it can just as easily wear you down. In this case, I found myself adjusting expectations on an almost…

‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Mirrors Gilliam’s Own Long Strange Trip
Curse of Jump Scares
Posted 1 day ago

The sixth entry to 'The Conjuring' series drowns itself in a pool of its own cliches.

‘Little’ Gets Big Laughs
Posted 1 week ago

An endearing twist on the story of waking up in a different body ... a younger one.

‘Little’ Gets Big Laughs
Gnostic Gospel?
Posted 1 week ago

Garth Davis' 'Mary Magdalene' is historically accurate and respectful, but great performances by Joaquin Phoenix and Tahar Rahim can't save it from being boring.

‘Mary Magdalene’ a testament to boring religious movies
Mind Games
Posted 1 week ago

Indie psychothriller 'Long Lost' is a twisty, weird ride.

‘Long Lost’ a weird, twisty thriller

‘The Wedding Guest’ you won’t want to invite

by Joe Jarosz March 29, 2019 Print Reviews

Michael Winterbottom’s latest thriller follows Dev Patel on a journey across Pakistan and India on what should’ve been someone’s wedding day.

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Visiting ‘Hotel Mumbai’ will leave you breathless

by Joe Jarosz March 29, 2019 Blogs

The true story of the 2008 Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai where hotel staff risk to protect their guests.

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Peele continues to terrorize ‘Us’

by Tim English March 22, 2019 Print Reviews

Jordan Peele’s sophomore flick, Us, is a chilling throwback to Hitchcockian psychological thrillers with a terrifying performance from Lupita Nyong’o.

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‘Gloria Bell’ Is a Strong Indie About a Strong Woman

by Christian Ramos March 21, 2019 Print Reviews
Thumbnail image for ‘Gloria Bell’ Is a Strong Indie About a Strong Woman

Julianne Moore is Gloria Bell, a woman looking for love on the dance floor and dancing to her own beat.

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‘Dragged Across Concrete’ Is About As Fun As the Title Suggests

by Warren Cantrell March 21, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Dragged Across Concrete,’ like Mel Gibson’s casting in it, works better in theory than in practice if a person thinks about it for more than a minute.

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‘Out of Blue’ Goes Over Your Head

by Christian Ramos March 21, 2019 Print Reviews

A detective with issues of her owns follows the clues to a case of a dead scientist in this banal crime drama.

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Dreamy ‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ is artistic overdrive

by Kate Walz March 15, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ immerses viewer in paintings during abstract animated story.

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‘Finding Steve McQueen’ Is a Sometimes-Great Escape

by Warren Cantrell March 15, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Finding Steve McQueen’ is an interesting (albeit uneven) trifle, pairing true crime hijinks with meaningful introspection and character work.

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There’s duality in every aspect of ‘Woman at War’

by KB Burke March 14, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Woman at War’ is a clever and creative comedic thriller that mixes music into eco-political sabotage in an unique way.

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‘Birds of Passage’ Is the Post-Modern Drug Fable the World Deserves

by Warren Cantrell March 14, 2019 Print Reviews

[Rating: Solid Rock Fist Up] A sober exploration of family, tradition, honor, greed, and colonialism, Birds of Passage (showing now at the Tivoli) slices through expectations to present a film that is laser-focused on a specific time, people, and place. Tracking the birth of the modern drug trade in Columbia during the second half of […]

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‘Climax’ celebrates the tragedy of life

by Eric Melin March 8, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Climax’ is a powerful and unique experience that showcases all the external beauty, wonder, and hope that new opportunity can bring, and how those concepts are always just one thin wire away from chaos and madness.

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‘Captain Marvel’ keeps the MCU success line moving

by Tim English March 7, 2019 Print Reviews

Captain Marvel is a fun, sci-fi flick set in the retro 90’s of the MCU and serves as a solid intro for a character expected to carry the torch going forward.

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Top 10 Female Superheroes in Film

by Warren Cantrell March 5, 2019 Top 10s
Thumbnail image for Top 10 Female Superheroes in Film

Captain Marvel is the story of an alien-human hybrid with near-limitless powers and a rare example of a female-fronted superhero film in a genre that often positions women in supporting roles. This got Scene-Stealers thinking about the best examples of female comic book superheroes in film, as there have been many great examples (along with several bad ones) over the years.

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‘Greta’ is a bad friend and a worse movie

by Tim English March 1, 2019 Print Reviews

[Rating: Rock Fist Way Down]The worst part of the Greta experience is the aftermath. The hours and days you’ll spend trying to make sense of anything you’ve seen in this movie could be enough to make you insane if you’re not strong enough to endure the ridiculously inept sequence of events that unfold once the […]

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‘Hidden World’ a fitting end to ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ trilogy

by Tim English February 22, 2019 Print Reviews

[Rating: Solid Rock Fist Up]The ‘How to Train Your Dragon franchise was introduced in 2010 and it has gone on to establish itself to kids (and parents) as one of the most entertaining and emotionally satisfying animated series this side of the Toy Story flicks. Those kids, who were little wee ones back in that day, […]

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