Far Out
Posted 1 day ago

Richard Stanley's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's 'Color Out of Space' teeters on the edge of greatness many times, but never fully commits to its cosmic horror.

Lovecraft Adaptation ‘Color Out of Space’ Never Commits
Waved Out
Posted 6 days ago

'The Wave' is a visually impressive trip, but ultimately a very hollow experience.

Think Twice Before Riding ‘The Wave’
Three Strikes
Posted 6 days ago

The acting is engaging, but the ensemble drama 'Three Christs' is let down by a dull script.

Talented Ensemble not Enough to Save ‘Three Christs’
Slice of Life
Posted 1 week ago

Laden with British character actors and featuring a whip-smart story, 'A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life' (out January 13 on iTunes and Digital HD), takes the road movie formula and…

Black comedy ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ offers more than gore
Viper Strike
Posted 2 weeks ago

'Inherit the Viper' is a slick, well-crafted journey into the heart of an opioid-ravaged America that is disappearing in pockets day by day.

‘Inherit the Viper’ Doesn’t Bite

‘Bombshell’ Easily Defused, Fizzles Out

by Warren Cantrell December 13, 2019 Print Reviews

A ripped-from-the-headlines drama with timely themes and an A+ cast, ‘Bombshell’ has everything it needs to succeed, yet sucks all the same.

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Sitting Through This Movie is ‘The Madness Within’

by KB Burke December 6, 2019 Print Reviews

‘The Madness Within’ is a sex-and-drug fueled bore and seems like a total vanity project from writer-director-actor Hunter G. Williams.

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‘Daniel Isn’t Real’ Brings Just Enough New Ideas to Play With

by Nick Spacek December 5, 2019 Print Reviews

Director Adam Egypt Mortimer has made a quality sophomore outing, with traces of other twisty real-or-not movies, that’s totally worth catching.

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‘Knives and Skin’ a True Genre-defying Experience

by Nick Spacek December 5, 2019 Reviews

Jennifer Reeder’s ‘Knives and Skin’ is less about plot or genre, and more about feeling our way through the movie, and coming out the other side with a sense of having experienced something with wonder and curiosity.

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‘Queen & Slim’ Is An Unforgettably Intense Ride

by Jonah Desneux December 4, 2019 Print Reviews

Queen & Slim follows the story of a young couple on the run from the law after the murder of a police officer in an act of self defense. The film is powerful and will leave you with a plethora of conflicting emotions.

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Say ‘I Do’ to ‘Marriage Story’

by Warren Cantrell December 2, 2019 Print Reviews

[Rating: Rock Fist Way Up] Love and hate operate on opposite sides of a famously thin line, as they both require commitment and passion that draw from a very personal well of emotion. To hate with a purpose is to invest deeply in that person or object, and like love, this passion does not come […]

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‘Knives Out’ Is Razor Sharp and Really, Really Fun

by Warren Cantrell December 1, 2019 Print Reviews

A classic parlor mystery whodunnit with Agatha Christie sensibilities and the sheen of America’s 2019 sociopolitical landscape, ‘Knives Out’ is as smart as it is fun.

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‘Honey Boy’ Stings, Also Sweet Enough to Justify the Journey

by Warren Cantrell November 22, 2019 Print Reviews

Based on the adolescence and young adulthood of Shia LaBeouf, ‘Honey Boy’ crackles with the pain and depth of a scribe pinning their heart to the wall.

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‘Frozen II’ Warms Even the Coldest Snowman

by Christian Ramos November 21, 2019 Print Reviews

‘Frozen II’ matures from its predecessor into the adventure of Elsa and Anna, discovering the magic within themselves.

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The Story of ‘The Warrior Queen of Jhansi’ Needs to Be Told…by Someone Else

Thumbnail image for The Story of ‘The Warrior Queen of Jhansi’ Needs to Be Told…by Someone Else by KB Burke November 15, 2019 Print Reviews

The true story of Lakshmibai, the historic Queen of Jhansi who fiercely led her army against the British East India Company in the infamous mutiny of 1857

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‘The Report’ Stumbles, But Isn’t Torture

by Warren Cantrell November 14, 2019 Print Reviews

‘The Report’ is an interesting, if somewhat impersonal investigative drama about the CIA’s post-9/11 torture program, starring Adam Driver.

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‘Shed’ Sandwich

by Warren Cantrell November 14, 2019 Print Reviews

The story of a teenager who happens upon a monster living in the shed in his backyard, ‘The Shed’ plays with some interesting ideas, yet comes up short.

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Psychotic ‘Woman Chasing the Butterfly of Death’ on Blu-ray

Thumbnail image for Psychotic ‘Woman Chasing the Butterfly of Death’ on Blu-ray by Nick Spacek November 14, 2019 Blu-ray/DVD Reviews

Watching ‘Woman Chasing the Butterfly of Death’ unfold on Blu-ray is as close as I’ve gotten to true insanity in a long while, but it’s not like the director just threw things at the screen to see what would stick.

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New Blu is Vampire ‘Bliss’

Thumbnail image for New Blu is Vampire ‘Bliss’ by Nick Spacek November 12, 2019 Blu-ray/DVD Reviews

What’s appealing about ‘Bliss’ is the ride on which Begos takes the viewer, strapping them into the same hellbent train as the protagonist, parceling out the inevitable reveal in a string of hallucinatory visuals.

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‘Pain and Glory’ Through Almodovar’s Eyes

Thumbnail image for ‘Pain and Glory’ Through Almodovar’s Eyes by Christian Ramos November 8, 2019 Print Reviews

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar once more delivers, this time in a story reflecting his own life as child and director coming to terms with the pain and glory of his life.

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