Smooth Sailing
Posted 2 days ago

A Carpe Diem fever dream about love, loss, failure, fate, and time travel, 'Same Boat' is a delightful little surprise.

All Aboard for ‘Same Boat’
Vitality in Vivarium
Posted 2 weeks ago

A sci-fi suspense thriller that’s as interesting as it is ambitious, Vivarium probes the evolving nature of the human condition and notions of “home.”

Eisenberg and Poots Bring Vitality to ‘Vivarium’
No Hope?
Posted 2 weeks ago

Bill Nighy and Annette Bening give masterful performances in William Nicholson's new divorce drama. The characters aren't always likable, but the lead's performances will keep you entertained throughout.

‘Hope Gap’ Requires Patience and an Open Mind
Magic Missing?
Posted 4 weeks ago

Director Benh Zietlin follows up 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' with a re-telling of the Peter Pan fable, from Wendy's POV.

There’s Magic Missing from ‘Wendy’
Postage Due
Posted 4 weeks ago

'The Postcard Killings' is little more than a rote, paint by numbers serial killer thriller with stock elements most have seen before.

‘The Postcard Killings’ Mails It In

Verité Romcom ‘Olympic Dreams’ Soars for the Gold

by Warren Cantrell February 21, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Olympic Dreams’ is a touching love letter to the lonely souls of the world who realize no one is ever lost if in good company.

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Don’t Check In for “The Night Clerk”

by Warren Cantrell February 20, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Night Clerk’ is interesting, yet the central mystery’s vacancy and lack of urgency ultimately holds the whole effort back.

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‘The Assistant’ Struggles to Keep Up

by Warren Cantrell February 19, 2020 Print Reviews

An exploration of Hollywood’s casting couch culture pre-#MeToo, ‘The Assistant’ does a great job setting the stage for its story, yet fumbles telling it.

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Interview: Munro Chambers from black horror comedy ‘Harpoon’

by Nick Spacek February 13, 2020 Blogs

If you’re a fan of genre cinema, actor Munro Chambers is a rising star. He appeared in one of the best small-ensemble black comedies we’ve seen in years, ‘Harpoon,’ wherein his character undergoes transformations both physical and emotional, really making for a bleakly hilarious viewing. We spoke with Munro Chambers by phone about his career, and the intricacies of ‘Harpoon.’

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2020 Oscar Party at Screenland

Thumbnail image for 2020 Oscar Party at Screenland by Simon Williams February 7, 2020 Blogs

Once again it is time to gather together and watch wealthy, attractive people hand eachother tiny statues made of gold! Yes the Oscars are here and Scene Stealers is joining together yet again with Screenland Armour to host the best viewing party of them all this upcoming Sunday, February 9th.

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‘Waiting for Anya’ is the ‘Deep Impact’ to ‘Jojo Rabbit’s’ ‘Armageddon’

by Warren Cantrell February 7, 2020 Print Reviews

A World War II Holocaust-adjacent film that’s appropriate for the whole family, ‘Waiting for Anya’ succeeds on its own merits.

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Great Cast Can’t Fix ‘The Gentlemen’

by Jonah Desneux January 28, 2020 Print Reviews

Guy Ritchie’s newest film The Gentlemen is a movie so fast-paced and full of twist that if you’ll be utterly confused if you get up to go to the bathroom. The film has a great cast and fun moments, but some pretty serious flaws.

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Lovecraft Adaptation ‘Color Out of Space’ Never Commits

by Nick Spacek January 22, 2020 Print Reviews

Richard Stanley’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Color Out of Space’ teeters on the edge of greatness many times, but never fully commits to its cosmic horror.

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Think Twice Before Riding ‘The Wave’

by Nick Spacek January 17, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Wave’ is a visually impressive trip, but ultimately a very hollow experience.

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Talented Ensemble not Enough to Save ‘Three Christs’

by KB Burke January 17, 2020 Print Reviews

The acting is engaging, but the ensemble drama ‘Three Christs’ is let down by a dull script.

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‘Disturbing the Peace’ is a Crime

by Warren Cantrell January 15, 2020 Print Reviews

The macho, Rambo-esque energy throughout ‘Disturbing the Peace,’ combined with its social politics, make it a thoroughly ugly and distasteful experience.

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Black comedy ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ offers more than gore

by Nick Spacek January 14, 2020 Print Reviews

Laden with British character actors and featuring a whip-smart story, ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ (out January 13 on iTunes and Digital HD), takes the road movie formula and turns it into a dryly black comedy about finding one’s true self.

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‘Inherit the Viper’ Doesn’t Bite

by Warren Cantrell January 10, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Inherit the Viper’ is a slick, well-crafted journey into the heart of an opioid-ravaged America that is disappearing in pockets day by day.

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New DVD of 90s Oddity ‘The Spirit Gallery’ Worth Checking Out

by Nick Spacek January 5, 2020 Blu-ray/DVD Reviews

Director John Strysik’s 1995 feature ‘The Spirit Gallery’ is a hallucinatory shot-on-video oddity which manages to take a familiar plot and turn it into something special.

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‘1917’ Is the Movie to End All Movies

by Warren Cantrell January 2, 2020 Print Reviews

Tense, gripping, beautiful, and brutally relentless, director Sam Mendes has achieved something extraordinary with his newest feature, ‘1917.’

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