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Two bank robbers & their hostage retreat into a motel. When their boss doesn't show up, they must battle through their deteriorating mental state and find a way out before…

The Boldness of ‘Among Them’ is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Anticlimax? OK!
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While the fictional parodies of themselves have given me a few chuckles, along with plenty to see and salivate over, it is time to say goodbye—a theme that is very…

‘The Trip to Greece’ is an Anticlimactic Farewell … and That’s OK
A Korean War
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A slow-burn psychological odyssey through the mind of one man with the power to liberate a nation, 'The Man Standing Next' does more right than wrong.

Slow-Burn Political Drama ‘The Man Standing Next’ Does More Right Than Wrong
Kitsch Perfect
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A feel-good story based on real events and people, 'Military Wives' is often breezy, sometimes poignant, and rarely offensive.

‘Military Wives’ Is Nearly Kitsch Perfect
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The Dalai Lama tells the unknown story, in his own words, of his lifelong journey into the world of science and technology, and how the world has changed as a…

‘The Dalai Lama – Scientist’ Needs More Dalai Lama

Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham Dig for Redemption in ‘The Quarry’

by Warren Cantrell April 15, 2020 Print Reviews

Interesting, though a bit fragmented during its final 10-15 minutes, ‘The Quarry’ feels like Cormac McCarthy Lite.

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Heavy metal horror in ‘We Summon the Darkness’

by Nick Spacek April 10, 2020 Print Reviews

Marc Meyers’ heavy metal horror flick ‘We Summon the Darkness’ starts strong, but soon turns into a standard stalk-and-slash.

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All Aboard for ‘Same Boat’

by Warren Cantrell April 7, 2020 Print Reviews

A Carpe Diem fever dream about love, loss, failure, fate, and time travel, ‘Same Boat’ is a delightful little surprise.

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Eisenberg and Poots Bring Vitality to ‘Vivarium’

by Warren Cantrell March 27, 2020 Print Reviews

A sci-fi suspense thriller that’s as interesting as it is ambitious, Vivarium probes the evolving nature of the human condition and notions of “home.”

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‘Hope Gap’ Requires Patience and an Open Mind

by Jonah Desneux March 27, 2020 Print Reviews

Bill Nighy and Annette Bening give masterful performances in William Nicholson’s new divorce drama. The characters aren’t always likable, but the lead’s performances will keep you entertained throughout.

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There’s Magic Missing from ‘Wendy’

by KB Burke March 13, 2020 Print Reviews

Director Benh Zietlin follows up ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ with a re-telling of the Peter Pan fable, from Wendy’s POV.

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‘The Postcard Killings’ Mails It In

by Warren Cantrell March 13, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Postcard Killings’ is little more than a rote, paint by numbers serial killer thriller with stock elements most have seen before.

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The Best Ben Is Back In ‘The Way Back’

by Jonah Desneux March 6, 2020 Print Reviews

Ben Affleck is at his best in years in ‘The Way Back.’ Bringing personal experience to a role where the character struggles with vices, Affleck excels and is charming in his unique way. The film is not without it’s flaws, but it works and the emotional impact is there.

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Great Acting Bails Out ‘The Banker’

by KB Burke March 6, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Banker’ centers on two Black businessmen (Anthony Mackie and Samuel L. Jackson) in the 1950s as they attempt to build a real estate empire in Los Angeles.

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Pixar’s Latest Fantasy is ‘Onward’ and Upward

by Christian Ramos March 5, 2020 Print Reviews

Pixar’s latest outing takes audiences to a magical world where two brothers find the power to bring back their father for one last chance at getting to know him.

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Horror Comedy is ‘Extra Ordinary’

by Nick Spacek March 5, 2020 Print Reviews

What makes ‘Extra Ordinary,’ out March 6, work so well is that it’s a haunting comedy, which allows for subversion of so many tropes.

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‘Run This Town’ Runs Out of Gas at the Finish Line

by Warren Cantrell March 5, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Run This Town’ is an ambitious yet overstuffed political thriller with about two B-plots too many.

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‘The Way Back’ driven by solid Affleck performance

by Tim English March 5, 2020 Print Reviews

‘The Way Back’ is a solid and entertaining flick even if it’s devoid of any true originality within the confines of the two genres it’s kicking around in.

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‘The Social Ones’ Is Social Media-ocrity

by Warren Cantrell March 4, 2020 Print Reviews

Writer/director Lauren Kosann is making her feature debut with ‘The Social Ones,’ and it’s an admirable effort with its heart in the right place.

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Tense ‘Escape from Pretoria’ Overcomes Bland Performance

by Jonah Desneux March 4, 2020 Print Reviews

‘Escape from Pretoria’ is an exhilarating escape film with a powerful message. Radcliffe doesn’t shine in his role of real-life political activist Tim Jenkin, but the characters motives are so pure it’s hard not to get invested.

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