Video from ‘The Walking Dead Live’ in Kansas City

by Eric Melin on February 18, 2013

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nicotero-rooker-cohan-reedus-eric-melinThe Walking Dead Live in Kansas City

This past Friday Feb. 15 at The Midland Theatre in Kansas City, I hosted a Walking Dead live Q&A with actors Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Lauren Cohen, and producer/director/makeup legend Greg Nicotero. It was an absolute blast and the sold-out crowd went nuts for the talent behind this boundary-pushing TV show. I had a great time onstage and was especially happy to report what down-to-earth, awesome people they all were offstage as well.

There’s a lot of video of the event and pics too, so I’ll use this post about The Walking Dead Live in Kansas City to collect as many as I can so fans of The Walking Dead can enjoy the night as much as Kansas City did. Most of the pictures below are from my Instagram, and a couple of them I shot while onstage. Thanks to everyone involved!

Here’s part one of a seven-part video series of the show:

Here’s a bit where I asked Rooker, Cohan, and Nicotero about their visit to Kansas City’s legendary Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, and Nicotero reveals that some of the gory makeup effects they use on The Walking Dead involve BBQ sauce. I smell a sponsorship. Are you listening, Arthur Bryant’s?

Here’s almost a half hour of the show (starting around 5:30) from the video diary of KCguyYT:

…and the first in a series of videos with some different footage from the night (from Bradford Skelley,who also reviewed the show and posted a photo gallery here):

The Walking Dead Live in Kansas City pics:

Photo credits: Chris Haghirian, @AmorNumquamMrtr

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