Ultimate List of all Fantastic Fest Movies Available for Streaming!

by George Hickman on September 21, 2014

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The world’s most exciting and chaotic film festival, Fantastic Fest, is in full swing down in Austin, TX and observing its tenth iteration. If you’re not able to attend but would like to sample its previous years’ content, there is no shortage of funny, scary, thrilling, or just plain weird genre content available to stream through common online providers. Here are some nerdy statistics:

Of the 117 total films available to stream:

94 titles are available to stream through Netflix (N).
6 titles are available to stream at no additional cost with Amazon Prime (A).
34 titles are available to stream either free through Hulu(H), or with a Hulu Plus subscription.
2 titles are avaiable to stream (legally) free via You Tube (YT).
7 titles are available to stream free via Other (O) services, such as Crackle or Epix.

The meticulously compiled list of titles and links starts below. Use this as a resource to catch up on past Fantastic Fest lineups! Titles in bold are highly recommended. (Past coverage of Fantastic Fest is here.)

2013 – Fantastic Fest 9 (11 films)

Almost Human N

Big Bad Wolves N

Blue Ruin N

Machete Kills N

Narco Cultura N

Patrick N H

Proxy N

Rigor Mortis N

The Dirties N

The Sacrament N

Vic + Flow Saw A Bear H

We Are What We Are N

2012 – Fantastic Fest 8 (30 films)

Aftershock N

American Mary N

Antiviral N

Berberian Sound Studio N

Cockneys vs Zombies N

Cold Blooded N H

Come Out and Play N

Crave N

Doomsday Book N

Dredd N A O

Errors of the Human Body N

Graceland N

Here Comes the Devil N

History of Future Folk N

Holy Motors N

My Amityville Horror N

No Rest for the Wicked N

Pusher N

Red Dawn N

Room 237 N

Sightseers N

Tai Chi 0 N

The ABCs of Death N

The American Scream N

The Collection N

The Conspiracy N

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning N

Vanishing Waves H

Wake in Fright N

Wrong N

2011 – Fantastic Fest 7 (17 films)

A Lonely Place to Die N

Aardvark H

Boys on the Run H

Bullhead N

Bunohan H

El Narco N

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within N

Headhunters N

House by the Cemetery H

Karate-Robo Zaborgar N

Manborg H

Melancholia N

Sleepless Night N

Snowman’s Land H

Snowtown N

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence N

The Innkeepers N

2010 – Fantastic Fest 6 (25 films)

13 Assassins N

Bunraku N

Cold Fish N H

Enter The Void N

Fatso N YT

Fire of Conscience H

From Beyond H

Hatchet 2 N

I Saw the Devil N A

Ip Man 2 N

Kidnapped N

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen N

Machete Maidens Unleashed N O

Man From Nowhere N H

Mutant Girl Squad N

Norwegian Ninja N

Ong Bak 3 N

Re-Animator N

Rubber N A

Spaceballs N H

Stake Land N

The Housemaid N

The Last Circus N

Troll Hunter N A H

True Legend N

2009 – Fantastic Fest 5 (12 films)

Antichrist N H

Bronson N

Clive Barker’s Dread N O

Cropsey N H YT O

Duress N

House of the Devil N H

Human Centipede N

Metropia N A

Salvage N H

Stingray Sam N H

Survival of the Dead N

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus O

2008 – Fantastic Fest 4 (8 films)

Chocolate N

Deadgirl H

Let The Right One In N

Mad Max N O

Surveillance A

The Bare Breasted Countess N O

The Good The Bad and the Weird N

Tokyo Gore Police H

2007 – Fantastic Fest 3 (5 films)

Princess H

The Entrance H

The Girl Next Door N H

The Last Winter H

There Will Be Blood N

2006 – Fantastic Fest 2 (6 films)

Isolation H

Origin, Spirits of the Past N H

Puzzlehead H

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade H

Unrest N

Wilderness H

2005 – Fantastic Fest 1 (2 films)

Pulse H

The Last Wave H

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