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Top 10 Reasons Last Year’s Oscars Were the Worst or, Why the 2012 Oscars Have to Be Better

by Eric Melin on February 21, 2012

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Number eight on my list of


was this:

8. Bringing Billy Crystal Back Only Reminds Us What We’re Missing

Mr. Crystal is the undisputed modern king of Oscar hosts, and when he was announced, the audience burst out cheering. And with good reason—Crystal has a superb track record of hosting in his eight years between 1990 and 2004. He always has the rare ability to poke fun and pay tribute to the nominated films without coming across bitter or angry, and he could always follow up an unexpected event with a great one-liner. So when it turned out all he was doing was introducing a Bob Hope tribute (the classic Oscar host of yesteryear), all the segment really did was remind us how badly they were both missed at that very moment.

And now, Sunday night, Billy Crystal is BACK!

Read the Top 10 Reasons the 2011 Oscars Sucked now, if only to lower your expectations to a point where there’s no way the 2012 Oscars could be any worse — even if The Help wins Best Picture!

…and don’t forget to fill out your Oscar ballot for the 2012  KC Oscar Party at the swanky Terrace on Grand in downtown KC, complete with a food and cash bar!

Not sure who to pick? Here is the Scene-Stealers video series where we pick all the winners in the major categories!

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