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The Worst Christmas Movies Ever

by Eric Melin on December 13, 2011

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‘Tis the season to be wary. Let’s just be honest: All Christmas movies are not created equal.

The Worst Christmas Movie Ever?

There are a lot of bad Christmas movies. For every A Christmas Story or Elf, there is a long list of holiday-themed movies that are horrible, just horrible, and they deserve to be mocked for trying to prey on the commercialization of an already commercial holiday.

The worst Christmas movies are often the ones that are so terrifyingly awful in their crass, unearned sentimentality and cloying nature that they may shake you to your core. Some are fascinating curiosities.

That’s why we created this list last year of the Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies Ever.

Ho, ho, whoa! Indeed. Dead fathers re-animated as talking snowmen? Martians? Pro wrestlers? Overzealous fathers? Smirking idiots? We got ’em.

Please keep in mind, however, that every list is subjective. We want you to weigh in in the comments section here, because any list of best/worst movies is subjective. Many of you will find that out immediately when you see what turned up as #10 on this list of  the worst Christmas films.

Anyway, enjoy!

Check out the Top 10 Worst Christmas Movies Ever.


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