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Scene-Stealers readers call out their HORRIBLE BOSSES

by Eric Melin on June 30, 2011

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We asked you to tell us about the worst bosses you ever had to win tickets to see the new movie HORRIBLE BOSSES.

We got a metric crap-ton of responses. WARNING: Some are not suitable for kids.

52 winners won advance passes to the screening and here are some of the best (i.e. worst) stories, straight from you, our beloved sitegoers:

My worst boss was my manager at the smoothie place i worked at in college. He hired this 15 year old girl who we later found out was bulimic and was stealing from the register. He did not fire her. She also went crazy one day and was yelling and crying at me and the other girl working that day. Still not fired. In fact during this time I never really saw my boss too much. Thankfully, he switched stores and she quit.

My worst boss had a huge ego and thought he knew everything about everything and everyone. And he was the cheapest person anyone has ever known, therefore we (employees) would just suffer because he was too cheap to buy anything new, fast or working for that matter. He was only cheap to his idea of ‘low life employees’ that worked for him, until his friends and their families would get hundreds of dollars of free food on several occasions and anything else they wanted there… and we had to make all this food even before the paying customers orders. The best ‘worst’ part of this is that they got all this free food and would never tip…not even a penny. And his son’s worked there, so they were paid so much more than anyone else and didn’t have to work as hard as anyone else. I’m so glad I quit that place!!

Worst boss I’ve ever had was one I had working back at a restaurant. It was a family owned, upscale restaurant and my boss didn’t add any class to it. She was a swinger with her husband who always had ‘hot tub parties’ at their house after working the weekends. After politely saying I would ‘stop by’ for a few hours, I soon learned that they conveniently left out the ‘nude’ party. A few hours rolled by and I decided I wasn’t comfortable with her husband trying to make moves on everyone including myself, her displaying her ‘brand new boobies,’ and then learning that they were in fact swingers. I left saying thank you for the invitation but that I should be getting home for work the next morning. When I returned to work the next day, my boss never treated me the same. She always started rumors, making other servers turn against me. Later that week I decided to stop working there. While I was in her office giving her my 2 weeks, she looked at me and said, ‘you know things wouldn’t have to be like this if you would of just did want everyone else was doing at our parties that we throw for you.’

Tim, he was our sales manager in out insurance firm and he decided totaled me under his wing. Off the bat I could tell I was smarter than him but he was always so condescending towards us. We had a heart to heart conversation and I found out that he did not graduate college and that he was in the sales business because he couldn’t find a job anywhere else. I saw a pay stub from him and found out that he makes 150K for completely nothing. His biggest sales year was 24K before taxes and the reason he got this position was because his brother in law was the one that hired him. I made 16K my first month after I graduated from college and he pulled me aside and told him I need to step up my production or they would let me go. I quit the following week.

My worst boss was Rosa. We were asked to give $ saving ideas to the S&L that we worked for, in order to receive a $500 cash incentive. She gave my idea and represented as her own, and won the $500!!!!!!!

The worst boss I ever had was when I was attending college, and worked at a local bar & grill. I worked as the daytime bartender over the summer one year, when all of a sudden I was asked to start working a few night shifts, and as a good employee, I did. After a week or two I was working almost all night shifts, which took me away from my live in girlfriend who worked days and was free at night. I came home one night after a particularly late night and when I got out of the shower, I noticed a used condom in the trash & new it wasn’t mine because we hadn’t had relations in a while due to the alternating schedules. I confronted my gf about it, and she admitted she and my boss had been sleeping with each other, and he decided that making me work at night was the best way for them not to get caught. Great boss and great gf, huh?

“My first boss out of college was awful. Within a week of moving to this new city she told me to go buy a gift card to Bobs and bring it to the shoot. That was all the instruction I got. She’d go on business trips and forget her cell phone charger so she’d send me to her home to pick it up and then ask me to priority overnight it from FedEx.
Once I had to order food for a meeting that I was not a part of. I left at the end of the day (sometime after a 10 hour day) and recieved a picture text messages of the food leftovers sitting out asking me if i was leaving these for Monday. I would get calls and emails from her at Midnight, 2 AM and then again by 6 AM in the morning. The woman had no life so therefore I was to have no life. Once I got an email about inappropriate work attire the day I wore a jean skirt to work. The woman would come to work in sweats and was about 100 lbs overweight. Did i mention she was only 27? It came as a relief when I was laid off at the end of 1 year.”

He loved to brag about cheating on his wife and didn’t understand why I was not impressed. Sometimes he would lie down on his stomach and claim the earth was shaking or maybe it was the drugs he used the night before. He was not quite sure which. The very worst was a psychopath that enjoyed watching people squirm when he asked them to commit acts that were against their set of values and morals.

“Mine was when I was in college working at our Health Clinic, my boss was a little too friendly and candid. He would play with condoms especially the flavored ones where he would want to taste each one so he could tell the students who walked in what they tasted like.

He also would conduct sex classes outside of work and would invite us to come. This was ‘Horrible’ cause he was extremely obese and the thought of him having sex was soooooooooooo wrong lol”
My boss at a call center. he threw his pants at me and told me to sew on his button. I refused and left.

My worst boss was when i worked at a very small marketing firm. We worked out of an older house..he was really creepy, hired all girls…and did nothing but sit back in his office with his feet up talking on the phone (which i am sure was not business related). He would throw passes at us about how attractive us girls were. On top of that, in the winter, the heat went out so we had to literally dress in layers. this my friend, did not get fixed very quickly. To make matters worse…we saw a mouse in the house. He would not keep the place up and the fact that we worked out of a house did not make things any better!!!!

I worked for a short time for a lunatic that ran a small chain of laser tag centers. This idiot’s personal habits (walking around chewing and then spitting out fragments of plastic pen caps)as well as his paranoia (listening in on all phone conversations because he was afraid that they might have been about HIM)was bad enough…His horrible relationship w/ his business partner (they fought constantly about everything and anything; whether significant or not) made a bad, dis-functional company even worse BUT, the absolute highlight of working for this schmuck was his 7am managers meeting where he would describe, in VERY vivid detail, EXACTLY what he did to his wife in bed the previous evening. And when I say, EXACTLY, I mean every single lurid, putrid detail of what he did to her. Suffice it to say, I didn’t last long there and, best of all, most of his ‘empire’ crashed and he went from five locations to just one!

My worst was Garvin. I was a production assistant for a TV show. Even though I had a BFA in theatrical design, I was his ‘go-fer’. His favorite daily task for me was to get his lunch salads at the commissary. I also was responsible for procurement and delivery of a special diet dog food for my bosses pooch! This was at a only available a special animal store 45 mins each way from work…with my car and gas!

I got my first big job as a beautician in a very well-to-do location. I had worked this type of job for about 5 years already and had good clientele. I went to work the first day and my boss, Mr Clauss, told me to get in the other room so they could do makeup and touch up my hair. I had long hair and they cut off a huge chunk of the hair, without telling me they were doing so. I then found out that he required all the beauticians to have the exact same hair style and makeup. I quit after 2 days. CRAAAAZY MAN>

Mr Reising. I started a new job and was working there 4 days and an opening came in a different group that would be more pay. He told me that I would be qualified to do the job but most the guys only spoke spanish and i would get frustrated and so i couldn’t get the job. Ummm, my last name Is GARCIA. I finally quit after the next week when he hired a new person with the last name of, ready for this, Garcia. LOL

John was not only my worst boss, but one of the worst people I ever worked around. He was located in a remote office from me. He got promoted as our I/T manager and wasted plane fare just to fly to my office to tell me that ‘I now worked for him’ and ‘how much he could do for my career’ (I was 20 years into my career then’. He would page me to call the help desk number when he wanted to talk rather than calling my office. I spent more time generating reports for him on what I was doing than I did actually getting work done. He was so bad that he got fired 6 weeks after getting a good performance review after we all took a chance and went over him to his boss

Darrell would make me sit in his office while he re-wrote my emails to the customers. He would leave my name on them so that if there were mistakes or things that upset the customers they would blame me. I still think I should have backed over that asshole in the parking lot.

I had a boss when I worked at the bank that thought he could tell me how to dress. He wanted me to wear skirts that barely covered my rear, tops that were cut low, and 4 inch or taller heals. He would tell me if I wore anything different than this, that I was not meeting dress code. Also he would always be dropping things and asking me to pick them up for him or he would follow me around to watch me walk. Add to this that he thought I should always get his coffee or clean up his desk when I was a loan officer. Believe me none of this was actually part of my job. Plus the off the wall comments he made were totally wrong for anyone to say at work.

My boss lived where I worked. He would pop in whenever he wanted, but in the morning he would be right out of the shower smelling like disgusting aftershave, wearing flip-flops that showed off his nasty feet. He would already be high on coke and likely drunk. He would get in my face and scream at me even though I made him tens of thousands of dollars every month. To this day, I can’t stand the smell of aftershave or his beer of choice.

my worst boss was a lady named Cathy who was a manager for the T-mobile call center in Lenexa, Ks over customer service. She was constantly on everyone for being a min or two late into work or from lunch/break. One day i was driving into work from Raytown, Mo at 515am to make it in at 6am and i hit a deer on the ramp leading onto 470. i had to pull over look at the damage and make sure my car was still drivable, after checking everything out and pulling myself together i gunned it to work and made it in at 605am, i told my immediate supervisor what happened and she said she would let Cathy know. later that day i was pulled into her office and told ‘you need to have a backup plan for things like this’ and i said back in a stern tone ‘Cathy it was 520am and i was on the highway and did not plan to hit a deer, what am i supposed to do pull a rental car out of my back pocket or keep driving without seeing what the damage was to make it in okay, at least i made it in still and only 5 minutes late’. she didnt like my angry toned response and decided that she was going to fire me for being late no matter what the reason was and my sad excuse. Talk about a total BITCH!!

“My worst boss was an assistant manager at a restaurant I worked at when I was in high school. Apart from just being annoying as hell, he also though he was awesome simply because his dad was the owner. My weirdest memory of him was the time he decided to try and hook me up with one of the female hostesses. We were standing there talking and he comes up to us, interrupts our conversation, and the following exchange occurs:
Manager (to me): ‘You single?’
Me: ‘Yes’
Manager (to her): ‘You single?’
Her: ‘No’
Manager (to me): ‘Sorry, bro.’
He then proceeded to walk away, leaving us in an incredibly awkward silence.”

I had a boss from India. He thought he knew everything because he was Indian, but he actually knew nothing. He treated me like dirt, but expected me to do everything. This last Christmas he had a Christmas party and invited everyone on the team to the party save me. Nothing I ever did was good enough for him, but he would have me e-mail it to him so that he could e-mail it to someone else and tell them he did it. When I started working for him I had all of the best equipment and a normal size desk. By the time I was laid off in March of this year, I had a desk 4 foot by 2 foot, a printer that didn’t work, no room to move, and more work than ever. He watched every move I made and if I was 1 minute late according to him I was in trouble, but everyone else on the team could be gone for hours without it being an issue to him.

My worst boss was when I was younger and I would have to get his dry cleaning and run all of his errands all day for him. I would even have to change his kids diapers.

“One day my boss came out of the back of the store, paused and said, ‘I could beat you up if I wanted to!’ and another time he and his wife borrowed cash from the register one day for lunch and at day end close Wanted to know why I was short! I was ready to quit, when his father approached me and said to ignore them he owned the store. So, I stayed a while but eventually found a better job.

It’s not just one boss but a collection of bosses; combining into a Voltron-esque super boss. Effectively creating a hell inside of McDonald’s (not that it’s a joy to work there in the first place). Teri (we will call her the arm) we a football-shaped woman with a nasty attitude, especially when she was hungry. She once sent me to clean the woman’s bathroom after someone threw up all over the place (and by that, i mean everywhere). Cindy who was nice for the most part, but smelled like Marlboros and picked her nose while she made food in the back. Ken, a married man, who seduced my coworker crush into having sex with him in the break room. True story (and these are just the stories i remember the best).


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