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by Eric Melin on June 20, 2011

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We asked you to tell us about the worst teachers you ever had to win tickets to see the new Cameron Diaz movie BAD TEACHER.

Yikes. Was is it that bad? I wonder what kind of residual effects these people had on you! I’m sure there are lasting scars…

50 winners won advance passes to the screening and here are some of the best (i.e. worst) stories, straight from you, our beloved sitegoers:


Miss Augustine — she got me chewing gum and made me put it on my nose.

My worst teacher was my Criminal Law Professor while in Law School this past semester. While grading our final exams, he posted on his PUBLIC facebook about how dumb and horrible our class was, and that he would prefer a frontal lobotomy over grading any more of our essays. He also went as far to say as our class as a whole was ‘just awful.’ What a wonderful professor he was!

Nun who made me put my nose in chewing gum at blackboard for saying wrong thing

This teacher was the laziest ever! If he needed a cup of coffee to stay awake he would send a student to the teacher’s lounge to knock on the door and ask someone to fill his cup. We never had homework becuase he didn’t grade papers. All the slackers wanted to get in his basic math class so they could sleep. The only work we did from the math book were the even problems that had the answers in the back so we could grade them ourselves. If the principal came into the room he would get off his behind and start talking about the assignment until he left the room. He gave grades based upon how many assignments were turned in so all he had to do was count the papers to give you a grade.

Mrs. Biswitch, she was horrible. I spent my entire year in a corner because she didn’t want to deal with me. I have a learning disability that made it very difficult for me to learn to read and talk out loud but instead of helping me she totally ignored me. I felt so alone and like a total outcast I gave up learning for a long time until another teacher came along.
Mr Kohl. He spent all class talking about his management experience and then his test pulled none highlighted sentences from the book and had you fill in what was missing. 80% of the class failed or dropped the class after the first test.

My freshman english teacher. He failed my entire class except one girl and he told us on a regular basis we learned at the pace of a sloth and that his 4 year old daughter was smarter than we where. I was in his class when 9/11 happened and he told us he wished he could put a bomb in our room and blow us all up!

Jr High Teacher would constantly lean over the trash can, squeeze a nostril shut and BLOW his nose straight into the trash. Then would ask if anyone needed a tissue? DISGUSTING!

Govt 1 freshman year in college. He taught 300-350 classes in the classic auditorium and graded so toughly, he included material never covered in class or the reading material and flunked with an F over half his students for years until we started a petition to the faculty review board and they forced him to give us all passing grades for the four previous years and put him under 3 year academic probation with a daily monitor sitting in on all classes and tests.

I’ve had teachers I hated or thought were bad at their job. I took a team games class in high school, basically a co-ed gym class. Our teacher was male and we always thought he was kind of a pervert because he would make weird comments to the girls about if they were single or comment on their hair. We had two weeks of co-ed swimming and were told if we didn’t dress out we would fail. Every girl dressed out and not a single guy did. They (including the teacher) watched us swim and it was really creepy. The next semester that teacher was fired for having sex with three students. After I typed that out, I’m not sure gym teachers count as real teachers.

My 3rd grade teacher had braces. She would talk and constantly have food in her teeth and spit at us while she was teaching.

Mrs. Miller sent me to the principals office because I kept sneezing and she thought that i was faking I told her that I was not faking and that I had really bad allergies. She didnt believe me but by the time I got to the office I wasnt sneezing anymore but my mom did show up to take me to the doctor to get my allergy shot. I hope she felt really stupid.

My band teacher Mr. Walker he told me that I should not try to learn to play another instrument because i would never catch up to the rest of the students. So I did teach myself how to play and ended up being 1st chair.

My english teacher Ms. Lane she half way explains what she wants you to do and expects you to know what to do when she cant even explain it herself.
I won’t mention any names, but I had a teacher that broke down crying during class and once asked me, ‘Why are you like this?’ through sobs. She had to be driven to school because her license was suspended following a DUI.

Mr.russo 6th grade. I told him I needed a screw for the sewing machine..he told told me I should not b asking him for a screw..he thought he was he was funny..I thought he was a perv

Mr Cochran. He said he would give me an A if I threw over 100 yds in discus. I did and he still gave me a C in history.

Mr. Johnson, because is was one of the most biased people I know. Unless you were one of his coveted few you didn’t stand a chance.

I am a teacher, and have worked with many horrible ones. Among the worst was an old grump of a science teacher who used to chase students down the hall if they walked out of the room without returning paper clips or pencils. His career ended in our district when while sleeping on a stool in front of the class, he fell off. He sent every stud fent to the principal for laughing, and tried to sue the school for injury on the job!

My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Lowman. After recess, she would turn the lights off to read to us and would make us give her shoulder massages while she read, didn’t help that she was about 400 lbs of pure woman and sweat thinking about walking.

My trumpet professor because he kept coming on to me and I told the administrators & they didn’t believe me. 2 years later I was subpeanoed to testify that he tried to molest another student. Yes, I finally got an apology from the school however I had to change my degree program to graduate.

My worst teacher was actually a good teacher…as far as teaching us the material…I consider this guy a BAD teacher because he was also the teacher representative of our schools soccer team…which is was what our school was known for. After an audit the school found out that he had been stealing money from the soccer team for the 3 yrs he was in charge…Now that is a BAD teacher!!! What an ASS…needless to say he was fired!! What a screw up! LOL

The worst teacher I ever had was when I was in 5th grade. When we would get into trouble we had to hold up textbooks in the air at shoulder height until our arms gave out…sometimes longer. I went a catholic school…so what the teacher said was final…..she was more worried about her love interest….(the P.E. teacher) rather than teaching us…we didn’t really learn anything this year. I heard she got fired for getting caught having sex in the art closet with him while we were at recess!! That’s a BAD teacher if u ask me!! LOL

The worst teacher was a professor who taught several required classes in the Education Dept. 50% of your grade from him was based on your class participation. The problem is that he almost always called on the same few people all the time – mainly because they were very talkative and would take up most of the classtime with their silly questions and comments. He caused me (and a few others) to drop out of Education because they couldn’t deal with his ego or ‘teaching’ style.

My 7th grade English teacher was the worst! He was lazy and allowed the students to play cards in class, sleep, and just talk all hour while he sat at his desk and read a book or left to smoke in the teachers lounge (He’d say that he needed a smoke.) Everyday he would yell over all the noise that we would get an A if we would just turn in a blank piece of paper with our name written on it (to prove you were listening). He always gave everyone in the class the grade of A, so most parents were wise to him unless they started asking questions.

One of my professors in College… time he fell asleep as I was giving a speech for my final grade!

My worst teacher was the home economics teacher. Just about everything she cooked was burnt. Her baked goods were just too dry or real chewy. One day she was showing us how to cut and dice onions. In the process she sliced her finger and part of her palm. There was blood everywhere. She left for the ER to get stitched up. The next day she explained how one distraction with a knife can be dangerous. REALLY!! Then asked why we got rid of the cut onions she had cut. She told us we could wash them with hot water and they would be good as new.

There were several I could choose from but the worst would have to be Mrs. Hale. She taught high school choir. She told several kids in the class that they could sing when in reality they sucked at it. One kid was told he was magnificent. But during the whole semester never sung lead or with a mic during school functions. Well 2 years after graduation I see my old classmate on American Idol. Man I was embarrassed for him.

my worst teacher was a history teacher for freshmen. plain and simple, he hit on a lot of girls…then, he hit on a lot of teachers. then, he had numerous sexual harassment charges brought against him. then, he was no longer our teacher. he only worked at the high school for a year.

Wow; how can I choose between the fourth grade teacher who went batty and threw a desk at the chalkboard and screamed at us all of the time (and who now teaches even YOUNGER kids) and the teacher I had in middle school who literally made black people sit on one side of the room and whites on the other… then he claimed it was NOT a racist move and all of us students had to meet with higher ups to tell them everything he had done in class regarding issues like this!

My worst teacher was a teacher was my high school chemistry teacher. He had been teaching for about 40 years before I had him as a teacher and was so old and set in his ways we would come to class and he would just sit down tell us to read our books, know our periodical table, and wait for surprise quizzes. He didn’t teach. Instead he told stories about himself and his life or wanted the class to be completely quiet and study by ourselves. This was everyday! He didn’t teach anything. He was a bad teacher.

Mrs. Warren I was a junior in high school and my mom was involved in the PTA and the school board. There was a rumor that Mrs. Warren was a lesbian and she got it fixed in here head that I was the one that started it. She didn’t have any proof other than her feelings and she pulled me aside and told me she is going to do everything in her power to keep me from graduating. She was constantly on my case, our class had to dissect fetal pigs. At the end of the day she pulled me out of my last class to help her with a project. This project consisted of carry bags of the fetal pigs to our dock and wait for the disposal company to come collect them. I stood out there for 45 minutes in 100 degree heat with those bags for almost a hour. When i received my grade for the pig assignment it was below satisfactory.
Band teacher in high school used to throw drumsticks at the kids when they played badly!

fourth grade teacher Mrs Roles she stuffed my friend in a trash can cause she got up to sharpen her pencil during a test

My worst teacher was my high school spanish teacher. He was a dutch guy who didn’t have a teaching degree and i think that the only reason he was allowed to teach was because he was married to an El Salvadorian woman. He used to tell us stories about when he used to be homeless or living out of his car. I wonder where he is now?

Senor Pink Pants is what we called him. He was our Spanish teacher and sucked at it. Not only that but i didn’t care to learn Spanish in the first place. Whats worse is he was one of those guys that tried to be cool, and connect to the kids. and didn’t achieve it at all.

Mrs. Black from my preschool. She used to slam me in my chair, hit me, and once I crawled under the Classroom divider and she grabbed me by my feet and drug me along the carpet!

Mrs. Hawthorn! She required us to write in our journals every day. Then, she would read them and talk to us like we were friends. She would bring up personal things about our life, as if we told them to her, when in fact she just read them without our permission! I think we also got graded on how interesting our lives were… I got a C – lol!

My worst teacher would have to be Sister Mary. She was my teacher for Religious Education and American History. She knew a lot about Religion, but when it came to American History she was not the expert she thought she was. She graded on the curve the first quarter because the tests she gave were just to hard. When she was in no mood to teach we would read pages from the book, or she would play a boring ass film about American History. When we would have open discussions about our lessons she would massage the boys and sometimes the girls shoulders when she was talking to them. She only stayed at the school for 2 years. After we graduated heard she had left the convent and married an ex priest.

Mrs. Rush, a politically motivated teacher. I wrote a story about the moon landing, and the possibility of it having been faked. Instead of grading me on how well it was written, researched etc. she graded me on that fact that the paper didn’t fit in with her view points. She gave me an F. Thankfully she and another teacher were sharing the class and she thought it was well done and I got an A in the end.

I can’t remember her name, it was 2nd grade at a Catholic school (but not a nun). I once got caught on a pencil sharpener when she was out of the room and so I wasn’t in my seat when she returned. She grabbed me forcibly by the throat and then told me to go to the bathroom to, “see what I did to myself.” I had a nice red marks on my neck from where she had grabbed me.

Ms. Stimpfel. She was my music teacher and I took lessons at her house. Every time i was there she always had to go to the door for deliveries, I thought. She was arrested a year later, she and her brother, for drug dealing. 🙂 I was like only in 3rd grade. LOL

Sister Richardis. I was in 6th grade, good student, quiet, etc. I was between the two worst students in the class. She slapped me across my face multiple times saying I was talking when really it was the guys I was around. My Mom came in to raise a stink about it and she slapped at my mom. That was her last year teaching.

The worst teacher I ever had was Mrs. Rathmann. She was the old fashioned, hit you with a ruler, kind of teacher. Twenty years later and I can still remember like it was yesterday when a boy in my class had the hiccpus. Mrs. Rathmann was walking throughout the class room when she made her way and walked behind his desk grabbed three books, and in the dead silence slammed them on the desk behind him scaring not only him but everyone in our class room and the rooms around us. Needless to say, he didn’t have them any longer and everyone was scared to get the hiccups again.

My worst teacher was my fifth grade teacher. She used to pick her nose while she was teaching and then she would flick the boogers from her fingers. They usually landed on the kids’ desks in the front row. She tried to be discreet and only pick it when she was turned around writing on the board, but we all knew what she was doing. The well behaved kids got to choose where they wanted to sit, and everyone fought for the back row. The bad kids ended up in front so I guess that was her way of getting back at them for misbehaving.

My home-ec teacher in high school because she spiked her coffee and got drunk! She would forget what she was talking about and fall asleep in class!

the cross country coach was also my 10th grade math teach, but he didn’t know math! He assigned pages from the books but couldn’t answer questions, and had assistants grade the papers!
mrs. woods. she got caught sleeping with the basketball coach in her classroom.

Mrs. Newcomb, my 6th grade teacher, was the worst ever. She was nearly always sitting at her desk with her eyes nearly shut! Even if you approached her to ask questions it was as if she was half asleep while interacting with you.

My coach because he made me do 125 push ups in one setting and I was not in good shape.

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1 dbmurray June 20, 2011 at 4:46 pm

A guy who taught at my high school was arrested at a bluegrass festival for selling marijuana.

From time to time, one of my English teachers in high school would go on at length about what she was doing with her other classes, and then she’d say she hadn’t decided what she was going to do with “you people.”


2 anne darrow June 20, 2011 at 11:00 pm

I had really bad teacher In 6th grade in late 1980s. She was the most evil person ever. She would tell the how class she hated kids and she didn’t why she is a teacher. Also she couldn’t have kids and she never wanted to have kids and her husband wanted to have kids they adopt a kid. She would tell her us she would hit her kid and she enjoyed it. My dad said to me he gave her permission to spank me and i was already scared of her.


3 Adan Bradley October 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm

So while in a private music lesson all of a sudden my teacher starts screaming at me like he’s going to hit me, and tells me that i’m the worst student that he ever had, i’m rude and disrespectful, and that he can’t stand my attitude….i practiced five hours every day and i never actually spoke two words to him during the lessons…..i tried my best to play the pieces correctly and always smile at him and be polite but i guess it wasn’t good enough. he told me, “you’re horrible, find a new teacher.” I said, “O.K.”


4 Eric Melin October 23, 2012 at 11:54 am



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