All Past Fantastic Fest Titles That Are Available to Stream

by George Hickman on September 6, 2011

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It’s that time of the year again! The days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school, and the sweltering heat is starting to de-swelter. Could it be? YES! Fantastic Fest 2011 kicks off in less than three weeks!

From Thursday, 9/22 through Thursday, 9/29, true genre movie lovers will gather primarily at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX to gorge themselves on an unparalleled selection of the scariest, funniest, weirdest, and all around best that cinema throughout the world has to offer.

But what if you can’t make the journey to Austin, or don’t want to wait 16 whole days?

Well, you’re in luck. Nearly a third of all contemporary films that were programmed throughout its six previous iterations are currently available to stream right now through the glorious power of technology. In fact, there are so many that you can program your own private Fantastic Fest!

Here are some nerdy statistics:

Of the 89 total films available to stream:
81 titles are available to stream through Netflix (N).
20 titles are available to stream at no additional cost with Amazon Prime (A).
4 titles are available to stream free through Hulu (H).
4 titles are available to stream through Hulu Plus (H+).

The meticulously compiled list of titles and links starts below.


Rubber13 Assassins (Samurai) N
A Somewhat Gentle Man (Crime Comedy) N
Buried (Thriller) N
Enter The Void (Crime Drama) N
Heartless (Supernatural Horror) N
High Lane (Thriller/Horror) N
I Saw the Devil (Crime Thriller) N
Ip Man 2 (Martial Arts) N A
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (Martial Arts/Action) N
Let Me In (Horror/Drama) N
A Somewhat Gentle ManMan From Nowhere (Crime Thriller) N A
Ong Bak 3 (Martial Arts) N
Playing Columbine (Documentary) N
Primal (Horror) N
Red White and Blue (Thriller) N
Rubber (Comedy/Horror) N
Stone (Crime Drama) N
The Violent Kind (Supernatural Horror) N


BronsonAntichrist (Drama/Horror) N A
Bronson (Crime Drama) N A
Cropsey (Documentary) N A H+
Daybreakers (Horror/Action) N
District 13: Ultimatum (Martial Arts/Action) A
Doghouse (Comedy/Horror) N
Hard Revenge Milly (Comedy/Horror) N
Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle (Comedy/Horror) N
House of the Devil (Horror) N
Human Centipede (Horror) N A
Merantau (Martial Arts) NHouse of the Devil
Metropia (Animated Sci-Fi) N
Paranormal Activity (Horror) N
Rampage (Thriller) N
RoboGeisha (Comedy/Monster) N
Survival of the Dead (Horror) N
Sweet Karma (Revenge) N
Terribly Happy (Crime Drama) N
The Men Who Stare at Goats (Comedy) N
Trick R Treat (Horror) N
Under the Mountain (Fantasy/Adventure) N
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (Comedy/Horror) N


Let the Right One InArt of the Devil 3 (Horror) N
Battle For Terra (Animated Sci-Fi) N
Chocolate (Martial Arts) N A
Dark Floors (Horror) N
Deadgirl (Horror) N
Donkey Punch (Horror) N A
I Think We’re Alone Now (Documentary) N
Just Another Love Story (Crime Drama) N
Let The Right One In (Horror/Drama) N A
Not Quite Hollywood (Documentary) N A
Repo! The Genetic Opera (Horror/Musical) N
Rule of Three (Horror) N
Seventh Moon (Horror) N The Good, The Bad, The Weird
Surveillance (Crime Thriller) N A
The Burrowers (Horror/Western) N
The Chaser (Thriller) N
The Good The Bad and the Weird (Western/Action) N
Tokyo Gore Police (Comedy/Horror) N
Wicked Lake (Campy Horror) N
Zombie Girl: The Movie (Documentary) N


Big Man Japan (Comedy/Monster) N A
WeirdsvilleBlood, Boobs, and Beast (Documentary) H+
Five Across The Eyes (Horror) N
Postal (Comedy) N
Princess (Anime/Action) N
Retribution (Horror) N
Sex and Death 101 (Comedy) N
Southland Tales (Sci-Fi) N A
The Backwoods (Thriller) H
The Entrance (Horror) N H
The Girl Next Door (Horror) N
Weirdsville (Crime Comedy) A


Apocalypto (Action) N
Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell (Post-Apocalypse) H+
Blood Trails (Horror) N Piano Tuner of Earthquakes
Edmond (Crime Drama) N
Hatchet (Horror) N
Isolation (Horror) N A
Origin, Spirits of the Past (Anime/Sci-Fi) N H+
Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (Sci-Fi) N
Severance (Horror/Comedy) A
Shinobi: Heart Under Blade (Martial Arts) N
Simon Says (Horror) N
The Host (Monster) A
Wilderness (Horror) N A H


Creep (Horror) N
Night of the Living Dorks (Horror/Comedy) N H
Roman (Thriller) N
Pulse (Horror) A

Also of note, the following favorites from 2010 are available to rent from Amazon Instant video: Cold Fish, Drones, Julia’s Eyes, and Norwegian Ninja.

If you find a title I missed, please comment and I’ll be happy to add it! Thanks goes out to @JohnWSmith for being awesome enough to compile a streaming list last year.

George Hickman

George Hickman is the first child conceived and raised by a sentient television and an anthropomorphic video store. He is a true Texan, in the sense that it is true that he lives in Texas. He spends his days making the Internet work and his nights surviving on the sustenance that only flickering lights and moving pictures can bring. There were no survivors.

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1 Trey Hock September 6, 2011 at 6:36 am

George, pretty amazing list of links. Thanks for compiling it.


2 Katrina Patterson September 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Shouldn’t “Down Terrace” be on here? That was a great movie (FF 2009?) — just looked it up on Netflix and it appears to be available for streaming.

Awesome list — takes the sting out of missing some of these at past fests…


3 George Hickman September 14, 2011 at 8:26 am

You are absolutely right Katrina! It’s been added! Thank you!


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