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Lyons asks Cameron the important questions about "Avatar"

by Phil Fava on January 11, 2010

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Former “At the Movies” co-host Ben Lyons is at it again! That’s right! E!’s resident “movie dude” (ugh) and Hollywood sycophant recently posted a video of himself on the E! website grilling James Cameron on the red carpet about his most recent box office powerhouse, “Avatar.” Take a look:

Really, Ben? That’s the question you felt compelled to ask on our collective behalf – “Why are the aliens of Pandora blue?”? Nothing about the film’s themes, craftsmanship, or alleged revolutionizing of the medium itself? Not even a bland stock question concerning anything remotely interesting?Of course not. Of course you’d ask about something as uninteresting and impertinent as the skin color of fictional alien characters and frame it as though it was the question on everyone’s minds. What was I thinking? You’re Ben Lyons, one of the leading padawans of the blurb. Your boyish hackery knows no bounds.

Now, look, I know it seems like I’m piling it on. I’m not, though. Really. And so, in an effort to squelch that perception, I offer this:

I know. I know. He’s not on the show anymore and is no longer any real threat to film criticism as we know it (not to mention that Erik Childress has been tearing him to shreds for a long time, now, rendering my outing as little more than beating a dead horse). But come on! This guy is still paid to talk about movies, and, as such, shouldn’t necessarily have an easy time of it if he insists on traversing this path devoid of credibility or integrity.I mean, listen to that stunning eloquence about 15 seconds in: “The special effects aren’t that good.” Wow. That’s something a film critic should be expected to utter. It has all the analytical prowess of a 13-year-old C student.

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