Iron Man 2 Picture Contest winners!

by Eric Melin on April 30, 2010

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Our readers are awesome. We had a contest to win passes to IRON MAN 2 on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:30pm at the AMC Olathe Studio 30. To win, sitegoers had to modify or create an Iron Man-related photo. Here are some of the winners below.

Our grand prize winner receives two reserved seats to the screening, an AC/DC Iron Man 2 soundtrack CD, XBox videogame, Norton™ Internet Security 2010, and Norton™ AntiVirus 2010 with Antispyware. The winning photo was from Brad Horn. Ironically, it wasn’t the only one that contained a dancing Iron Man:


Here are some of the other winners:

It took me awhile to get this one, but it’s a double joke. 1. A comment on Scarlett Johnasson’s mop-like “Iron Man 2” hairdo 2. A Freddy Krueger tie-in with the janitor from “Bones.” From Jeff Miller:


Keith Boaz wasn’t the only reader to make an “ironing” pun out of the film’s title, but he was the only one to include Tootsie, RuPaul (correction at 4:30pm: just noticed this is Wesley Snipes from “To Wong Foo”…doh!), and Mrs, Doubtfire in Iron Man’s domestic bliss:


More dancing Iron Man, this one ballet instead of disco, and from Gary Worrell. I love the looks on the other dancers’ faces:


Tamra Batt‘s Iron Man fantasy has a little more beefcake to it than the “Ironing Man” poster:


Speaking of posters, Ryan Hannebaum‘s parody poster went in a different direction altogether:


Chad Toney shows us what it would be like if Iron Man were your grumpy old neighbor:


Amit Joshi wonders what “change” Iron Man-style would look like:


Finally, David Fike shows us what Iron Man looks like in this current recession:


These are just some of the winners of the contest. Emails went out to all the winners today.

Sorry to those who turned in photos and didn’t win; we had a limited number of passes. Congrats to the winners, and as always, great job–you all are the best!

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