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“I don’t subscribe to the credo that there’s enough room for everyone to be successful. I think there are only a few spots available, and people like Dick Koosman and Bono are taking them up.” Can a film whose central characters are uniformly unlikable be dramatically compelling in their midst? Eric thought so in his […]


“You wanna do the world a real service? Tell funnier jokes.” More than anything else, it’s the breadth of Woody Allen‘s craft as a filmmaker that has never been fully recognized or appreciated. With a body of work varied enough to include “Love and Death,” “Interiors,” “Husbands and Wives,” and “Everyone Says I Love You,” […]


“If the guy I was then met the guy I am now, he’d beat the shit out of me.” “SLC Punk!” is a strange amalgamation of elements that seem to be operating at cross-purposes. It has passages reminiscent of John Hughes, “Sid and Nancy,” and Tarantino, a tone that convincingly encompasses dramatic shifts in temperament […]


[Update: Listen to Phil’s interview on The Authority Smashing Hour (roughly 16:30-30:00) discussing the film and relevant topics with its director Jonathan Shockley.] “The public mind might have funny ideas about democracy.” Can a society whose political system functions in accordance with the self-serving strategies of big business call itself democratic? Is limited, programmed public […]


“We all sell out every day; it might as well be on the winning team.” What “They Live” has to offer may come as a surprise. It is, after all, about an alien civilization creating a global consumer culture through mass hypnosis in order to use the human race as livestock. And it is, after […]


“I used to think God was angry, too, but not anymore! He used to jump on me like a wild bird and dig his claws into my head. But then one morning, he came to me. He blew over me like a cool breeze and said, ‘Stand up!’ And here I am.” When “The Last […]


Why bother remaking a 1981 stop-motion classic (“Clash of the Titans”) if you are removing the one thing that made it fun in the first place? Before a single important filmmaker had any bearing on my cinematic life, there was Ray Harryhausen. The stop-motion animation he refined was a fixture of countless monster movies, beginning […]


Doubters of Michael Cera really have something to grapple with in light of the new trailer for “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” the most recent project from “Shaun of the Dead[‘s]” Edgar Wright, based on the comic book series “Scott Pilgrim” by Bryan Lee O’Malley. With no prior knowledge of the comics and no real […]


“How could guys like us worry about a tiny little thing like the sun?” The bracing melancholy of childhood is an underrepresented phenomenon in popular entertainment. By and large, children’s films prefer to coast by, parading antiquated, uninteresting archetypes and reducing all conflict to clinical action sequences devoid of substance or originality (see: Tim Burton’s […]


“Take the greatest Jewish minds ever: Marx, Freud, Einstein. What have they given us? Communism, infantile sexuality, and the atom bomb.” “The Believer” contains one of the most compelling portraits of a psychologically unstable young man ever captured on film. Where “American History X” explicated racism and inter-cultural hostilities as products of social circumstances and […]

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Melvin Moses Gibson. Friday marks the release of “Edge of Darkness,” your first film as an actor since 2002’s “Signs.” I’d like to say we’ve missed you, but you’ve directed two gloriously over-the-top, gore-filled historical behemoths with as much crazy-per-square-inch as anything you ever did as an actor. So, as a tribute to your nearly […]


According to CHUD, Mel Gibson‘s upcoming Viking feature will continue his tradition of linguistically-authentic tales of ancient peoples by being in Old Norse: “‘I want to see somebody who I have never seen before speaking low guttural German who scares the living shit out of me coming up to my house…I think it’s going to […]


According to both Cinematical and Vulture, Paul Rudd (star of such modern comedy classics as “Knocked Up” and “The 40 Year Old Virgin”) will be teaming up with Zach Galifianakis (star of what is arguably the most overrated and successful comedy of 2009, “The Hangover”) in “Will,” a new film written by comedian Demetri Martin. […]


Former “At the Movies” co-host Ben Lyons is at it again! That’s right! E!’s resident “movie dude” (ugh) and Hollywood sycophant recently posted a video of himself on the E! website grilling James Cameron on the red carpet about his most recent box office powerhouse, “Avatar.” Take a look: Really, Ben? That’s the question you […]


Some intriguing/exciting news coming from The Playlist today: Sean Penn has returned to the role of Larry Fine in the Farrelly Brothers’ ill-fated “Three Stooges” project. A few months back, in the midst of recurring domestic tumult, Penn stated he was going to take a year off from acting and sort things out with his […]