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Top 10 Buddy Flicks

by JD Warnock on May 29, 2012

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Since ‘Men In Black 3’ was number-one this weekend, a buddy movie list is kind of appropriate. This is an archive article, originally printed on Sept. 13, 2005 from site co-founder J.D. Warnock.


If there was anything left to demystify marijuana use in America, “Pineapple Express” has done its part to satisfy any lingering curiosity. The film’s cavalcade of cinematic depictions of marijuana use and dealing, including a scene with three teenage boys, pretty much guarantees that it won’t be awarded any merit badges from those film and […]


My love affair with Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece “Wall-E” is so absolute that it has inspired this list of my Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Movies, or savvy circuit-board flims. That is to say, more specifically films featuring memorable robots. It is entirely possible that robots and artificial-intelligence storylines have ultimately been best served by the […]


I can’t remember being as excited for the release of any previous animated feature as I was for “Wall-E,” the latest animated masterpiece from the wizards at Pixar Studios and director Andrew Stanton (“Finding Nemo”). My lofty expectations were easily met and surpassed by the visually magnificent artistry and the thematically challenging storyline. However, it […]


Recently I reflected on the Top 10 films that have impacted me the most through repeated viewings in my “Top 10 Films You’ve Actually Watched the Most.” It seems only fitting that I take the time to consider what movie soundtracks have had a similarly lasting effect. Arguably, not since the soundtrack to “Oh Brother […]


The one and only thing the new Adam Sandler vehicle “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” has going for it is that it is so profoundly ridiculous, so utterly devoid of substance, that it’s hard to level any serious criticism at the film. Supernaturally gifted Israeli secret agent Zohan (Sandler) has tired of killing and […]


Adam Sandler gets sticky with Charlotte Rae in “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” Yeesh.


In honor of the queasy feeling in my guts resulting from the trailers for the upcoming releases “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” and “The Love Guru,” starring SNL alums Adam Sandler and Mike Myers respectively, I thought it might be a good time to point out the positive work done by some of the […]


First things first, I have to declare a serious bias against “Sex and the City.” I have very publicly stated, to both friends and strangers, my curiously strong dislike of majority of the principle cast, and my objection to the general tone and to the repulsively materialistic center of the popular TV series and its […]


For all the fans out there still reeling from the fallout and disappointment caused by the profoundly unsatisfying “Star Wars” prequels let me quell your fears… this isn’t that. Remember kids, George Lucas’ name is attached to both franchises, but at the end of the day these are Stephen Spielberg movies. Sure, Lucas wrote the […]


It had been awhile since I’d seen a great “red scare” picture—a movie filled with the type of paranoia and fear that so thoroughly informed a huge number of films in the 1960s, and had a Reagan-era resurgence through the 80s. This weekend, we got a sneak peek at the latest big-budget Hollywood action/adventure flick which brilliantly employed […]


Look out kids, here comes summer. A few months back, in desperation for some warm weather, I did a list of Top 10 Hot Movies. In anticipation of a little fun in the sun and some time in a few highly chlorinated, probably recently peed-in public swimming pools here is my list of Top 10 […]


88 Minutes

by JD Warnock on April 23, 2008

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Al Pacino learns, the hard way, the value of the “call blocker” feature in director Jon Avnet’s “88 Minutes”


This is truly the worst type of film to review. “88 Minutes” is neither the worst film I’ve ever seen, nor is it in any way notable, remarkable, or original. This movie is why some critics use a rating system that allows them to call this what it is…a rent-it-on-DVD-some-sad-lonely-night-out-of-boredom-or-sheer-desperation movie. Or better yet, it’s […]


Eric’s Top 10 last week was Top 10 Films You Can Watch Over and Over Again. This week I thought I would put the screws to myself and twist the idea a bit, so lets make it Top 10 Films You Have Actually Watched Over and Over Again. So, in literal terms, what are the […]