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I kind of adore Nicolas Cage. My friends think he’s a terrible and unforgivably over-the-top actor, and I can’t totally disagree. But Cage has an ability, and I think he’s totally aware of this, to elevate a movie to a completely different mode of enjoyment that always pays off. I mean, I love this video [...]

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As a big Lost dork that loves to read reactions and responses to the show, I’ve come across plenty of stuff this week (including a Scene-Stealers Top 10) discussing where the finale dropped the ball. Most are from fans who, understandably, are looking for explanations that should have been expected from the show at some [...]


As far as I can tell, Pedro Almodóvar is the most well-known Spanish filmmaker, and has a shot at being the most well-known European one, too. It’s been a lonely three years since his last film, Volver crossed the Atlantic, but now we get Broken Embraces, another story of the consequences and rewards of love. [...]


As a fan of Arrested Development, one of the few facts of life that consoled me after the show’s cancellation was that, not only would Michael Cera go onto star in films on his own; but it would serve as a decent opportunity to revisit his character from the late series. But one has to [...]


Terry Gilliam, more than most filmmakers, is the kind of director you either love or hate. It’s a distinctive taste that even as a fan, I must admit, I’m not always up for. His latest film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, is sure to divide its audience as well; but even at its low points [...]


Every year, after the rush of the Oscar potential pictures, I look forward to the January overflow of flotsam and jetsam at the megaplex. After having to fully commit to two hours of film on an almost daily basis over a month, I appreciate being able to sit back and let the stupidity and mediocrity [...]


Everyone’s been making a fuss about the new Sherlock Holmes movie from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels English crime filmmaker Guy Ritchie and how it’s suposed to be a different animal from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories that are ingrained in pop culture. Many have worried it would be all flash and [...]


Movie Review: Nine

by Ian McFarland on December 25, 2009

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The idea of taking an internationally beloved classic of the film medium and remaking it as a musical is, to be fair, about the worst idea since someone decided to end a children’s movie title with “The Squeakuel.” But with names like Penélope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, and the simply amazing Daniel Day-Lewis in the cast, [...]


I’ll start off this review by stating that I’m a big fan of master animé director Hayao Miyazaki. A lot of people call him the Japanese Walt Disney, but as far as I’m concerned he could make Mickey’s creator his little bitch if he ever wanted. Having said that, it’s probably easy to deduce that [...]


At some point (probably around the time Star Wars made a wombo amount of money), Hollywood came to the conclusion that sci-fi movies were also exclusively action movies. While there’s nothing wrong with those two genres together, sci-fi geeks like myself have enjoyed the past summer, which gave us two different, and authentically really good [...]