Aaron Weber

Japan’s most famous swordsman gets the Criterion treatment, but it’s more ‘Gone with the Wind’ than ‘Seven Samurai.’


Pixar’s beat Disney at its own game with this touching and heartfelt adventure that shows a studio unafraid to take on their patron.

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The action sequences have defined the ‘Mission: Impossible’ series since it’s beginnings, and Brad Bird just knocks this film out of the park. Anyone who’s seen ‘The Incredibles’ knows that the world of superspys and bigger-than-life threats has long been adored by Bird, and that shows in nearly every aspect of the film.


Brett Ratner’s latest assault on cinema, ‘Tower Heist’, wears its blue-collar leanings on its sleeve like the world’s least subtle Livestrong bracelet.


Today we’re talking about those actors who should not only know better, but can damn well do without the paycheck for whatever shit-of-the-week, destined for SpikeTV drek they’ve hauled their ass on set for. We’re talking about actors who not only have films in AFI’s top 100, but also have films so dumb that they probably can’t spell “AFI.”


Are we (being the humbles souls here at Transbuddha HQ) fans of Neill Blomkamp? After over five years of posting the man’s work, I should certainly say so. I’ll admit that I’ve been ready for “District 9” (a vastly expanded take on his “Alive in Joberg” short) since the moment it was announced, and with […]


Today’s excellent Top 10 comes from the man behind Transbuddha. If you have a list you’d like to contribute, just email Eric at eric@scene-stealers.com. Here’s the list: Ah, Valentine’s Day! It’s the day when thoughts turn to love, commercials stab at every feeling of loneliness and alienation, and studios unleash even more crap into the […]