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The wildman known as Warren J. Cantrell is back with another Top 10! Warren liked contributing Top 10s to Scene-Stealers so much, he started his own site, Check it out now. In the meantime, here’s Warren: Why are bathtub scenes so frequently showcased in films? Though I know that many out there still take […]


Well, the 00s have come to a close. Maybe now it’s time to look back at the decade before this last one. Maybe there’s a little more clarity with distance. Maybe Scene-Stealers contributor Warren J. Cantrell from is the man to examine the Top 10 Things Movies Taught Us In the 1990s. I think […]


Our pal Warren J. Cantrell over at is known for his over-the-top persona. This list will no doubt be as controversial as some of his other man-tastic past Top 10s. If you have an idea for your own Top 10, email me at Here’s Warren: Like a regrettable relationship, sometimes the true nature […]


Warren J. Cantrell is back again. Our prolific contributor of verbose Top 10s has written so many lists for Scene-Stealers that he’s actually started his own site, We’re glad to have him back with a fantastic list of the best boats in movie history. If you’ve got an idea for your own Top 10, […]


Warren J. Cantrell‘s Top 10 lists are becoming a regular feature here at Scene-Stealers. Cantrell’s unique voice has already given us Top 10 Reasons Why “Predator 2” is the Best of the Franchise and Top 10 Movies Ruined by a Female Presence, so it’s only fitting that he follow those man-tastic lists up with a […]


Warren J. Cantrell is so prolific, I’m beginning to think he keeps writing Top 10s so that no one else will get one in edgewise. So here you go: another Top 10 from the man who brought you Top 10 Reasons “Predator 2” is the Best of the Franchise and Top 10 Movies Ruined by […]


Warren J. Cantrell is a writer based out of Seattle, WA. In his email to us, he listed his interests/likes as skydiving, boat racing, bull fighting, midget wrestling, and generally staying as extreme as possible. He described himself (seriously) as “a long-gone-daddy standing seven and a half feet tall with a chin as mighty as […]