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Before he crapped the bed in the mid-90s, Rob Reiner had an (almost) unbroken run of movies that could rival any director in movie history. Here are his most memorable characters. You may be surprised at how many are considered modern greats…

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Part fours are superfluous almost always, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring something to the party. Every entry below represents a fourth entry in a franchise that is better than it has any right to be. Now, that isn’t saying that these are the best entries of the series; they’re absolutely not (except in the case of the #1 spot). But every movie below has at least something of value to offer, and if they don’t always improve the series, they don’t embarrass it, either.

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Today’s Top 10 list comes from sitegoer Brian Tousey, who teaches a film course in Los Angeles, and writes a film-based blog called Maximum Tenderness. His previous list for Scene-Stealers was Top 10 Stephen King Movie Adaptations. If you’d like to contribute a Top 10 list to Scene-Stealers, just email me at Here’s Brian: […]


This is a list of the Top 10 Stephen King movie adaptations.