October 2009

From the minds of the Coen brothers comes this tale of a rather pathetic Jewish professor of physics in late 60s Minnesota. Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg) is having all kinds of problems, from the serious to the mundane. Larry is indeed A Serious Man, and one whose existence isn’t likely to be improved over the [...]


Today’s Top 10 is a good one for the people who love Halloween but don’t like being scared as much as they like the costumes and fun of it all. Brian Reeves from Kansas City contributed this good-humored list of funny horror films. If you have a Top 10 list you’d like to contribute, email [...]


A couple of years ago, I wrote a list of Top 10 Overlooked Scary Movies that got spread around the Web quite a bit. Best of all, the comment section became a great place for people to recommend other horror flicks that may not have received the attention they deserve. Today’s new list is kind [...]


Mira Nair’s biopic of groundbreaking aviator Amelia Earhart has many components working in its favor. It’s got Oscar-winner Hilary Swank in the title role, supporting performances from Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor, cinematography that ranges from elegant to breathtaking, and a really thorough sense of time and place. And yet it never quite pulls itself [...]


I’m pretty sure Ed Wood would have loved “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant“. Messy, flawed, riddled with odd choices and questionable casting, and stuck with a plot that make less sense as it progresses, The Vampire’s Assistant is in every way a B-movie. And, I’ll admit, I kinda liked it. Based on a series [...]


There are times when being both a movie critic and a musician come together, and this is one of those times. My love for the Greg Mottola’s “Adventureland” (bound for my Top Movies of 2008 list for sure) has manifested itself in a Halloween night rock show. As a tribute to the movie and its [...]


Top 10 Worst Movie Neighbors

by Eric Melin on October 20, 2009

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This list comes to us from Sean O’Connell, a New York City-based writer who has also contributed Top 10 Worst Movie Husbands, Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes and  Top 10 Movie Brothers to Scene-Stealers. Now he’s got a great list of awful movie neighbors for us. If you have a Top 10 you’d like to [...]


We have passes for you and a guest to attend the advance screening of THE FOURTH KIND on Tuesday, November 3 at 7:30 PM at the AMC Studio 30 (119th & I-35). All you need to do is fill out the form below. We’ll have a random drawing on Friday, October 30 to determine the [...]


Eric’s castmate on VH1′s World Series of Pop Culture, Robert Bishop from Wocka Wocka, joins him for a review of “Where the Wild Things Are.” Spike Jonze directed the movie, which is adapted by Dave Eggers from the classic kids book by Maurice Sendak. Find out whether “Where the Wild Things Are” the movie is [...]


Our pal Warren J. Cantrell over at 10rant.com is known for his over-the-top persona. This list will no doubt be as controversial as some of his other man-tastic past Top 10s. If you have an idea for your own Top 10, email me at eric@scene-stealers.com. Here’s Warren: Like a regrettable relationship, sometimes the true nature [...]


George saw the movie during Fantastic Fest last month. Read his take here. Mine follows below: Rarely do movie critics talk about the actual experience of seeing a film in the theater in their actual review. It happens sometimes, but it’s usually presented as an aside (the film broke, the crowd responded this way, the [...]


It looks like Marlon Wayans is going to be playing Richard Pryor in a proposed biopic about the late comedian. The Playlist is reporting that after being in the hands of several different studios, Sony Pictures seems to have picked up the film with Wayans in the lead role and Bill Condon (“Gods and Monsters,” [...]


Ever wondered what a special effects-driven disaster movie like the upcoming “2012″ would look like if all the FX were removed? Well, an editor has done just that, posting a minute and a half of footage from “2012″ with just the actors. John Cusack and company do a lot of screaming and reacting, and it’s [...]


We have 50 passes to give away to an advance screening of the new horror remake THE STEPFATHER. The screening is Thursday, Oct. 15 at the Legends 14 (1841 Village West Pkwy, Kansas City, KS) at 7:30pm. It’s the same night as LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, so don’t sign up for both! The first 50 people [...]


We have 50 passes to give away to an advance screening of the new Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler thriller LAW ABIDING CITIZEN. The screening is Thursday, Oct.15 at the AMC Barrywoods (8101 Roanridge Rd. Kansas City, MO) at 7:30pm, so some of you that have written in from the Missouri side should be happy! The first [...]