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August 2009

Ang Lee (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Lust, Caution,” “The Ice Storm”) has crafted some moving films over the years. He’s also responsible for a few which have missed the mark (“Hulk,” “Ride With the Devil”). Sadly, his latest is the later. In terms of recreating the scope and magnitude of Woodstock, the film succeeds, but […]


“Halloween II” was not shown to press, but last night contributor Phil Fava attended a midnight screening just so he could file this report. Here’s Phil: What was I expecting, here? I don’t know. I didn’t necessarily anticipate good taste or stunning craftsmanship, but I definitely didn’t anticipate this. Truth be told, I’m just angry. […]


Well, the hype surrounding James Cameron’s “Avatar” reached a fever pitch last week when the trailer for the long-anticipated flick premiered online and in theaters. Well…Hitler, for one, is not impressed. This fan-made mash-up of “Downfall” is strangely timely, thanks to QT’s “Inglourious Basterds.” It’s also not safe for work! Enjoy.


He’s appeared in ho-hum mainstream fare like “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Troy,” and “Meet Joe Black,” but it’s when Brad Pitt plays smaller roles that he’s able to really show off his acting chops—especially his impeccable comic timing (see this weekend’s #1 movie “Inglourious Basterds”). These 10 movies show that Pitt is a […]


Back in 2007, J.D. and I were contestants on VH1‘s second (and last) season of “World Series of Pop Culture.” We immediately felt a nerdy trivia kinship with all the other competitors, so when castmates Warren McPherson and Smitha Chadaga said they were making a mockumentary about what happens to game show contestants AFTER the […]


Just got this from Overture Films: Michael Moore’s next documentary, CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, opening nationwide on October 2, 2009. This trailer contains the first footage available from the film, and as you’ll see, the timeliness of the topics it explores will surely resonate with all audiences. “It’s got it all — lust, passion, romance, […]


Glorious "Basterds"

by Alan Rapp on August 21, 2009

in Print Reviews

Quentin Tarantino is a filmmaker. Love him or hate him, the man has a passion and reverence for cinema as well as a definite style in crafting his own projects. “Inglourious Basterds“, the writer/director’s latest, took more than a decade to come to the screen. The film is many things; one that it is not […]


I just heard KISS’ new song “Modern Day Delilah.” It’s the first single from 2009’s “Sonic Boom,” KISS’ first new album in 11 years. Listen to the mp3 here or download it if you like … but I have to say … It is tough being a KISS fan these days. I appreciate their tenacity. […]


Today’s list comes to us from Sean O’Connell, a New York City-based writer who also has also contributed his Top 10 Movie Brothers and Top 10 Rain Scenes. Thanks to Sean for another great list! If you have a Top 10 you’d like to contribute, email me at Here’s Sean: Every day I take […]


Neill Blomkamp‘s feature-length directorial debut does what really good science fiction does—it makes you think about the world you live in. It also does what mainstream crowd-pleasing sci-fi does and entertains with a lot of well-designed action scenes and classic Hollywood tropes. Using a stranded and impoverished alien race as a stand-in for the apartheid […]


Indie filmmaker and contributor Trey Hock emailed me this morning with this passionate negative counterpoint to my review and Aaron’s review of “District 9,” proving that this is a movie that will generate lots of discussion. Here’s Trey: What could have been a gripping, insightful, political drama unravels to become a chase film, splatter-fest in […]


Are we (being the humbles souls here at Transbuddha HQ) fans of Neill Blomkamp? After over five years of posting the man’s work, I should certainly say so. I’ll admit that I’ve been ready for “District 9” (a vastly expanded take on his “Alive in Joberg” short) since the moment it was announced, and with […]


I’ll start off this review by stating that I’m a big fan of master animé director Hayao Miyazaki. A lot of people call him the Japanese Walt Disney, but as far as I’m concerned he could make Mickey’s creator his little bitch if he ever wanted. Having said that, it’s probably easy to deduce that […]


At some point (probably around the time Star Wars made a wombo amount of money), Hollywood came to the conclusion that sci-fi movies were also exclusively action movies. While there’s nothing wrong with those two genres together, sci-fi geeks like myself have enjoyed the past summer, which gave us two different, and authentically really good […]


Bandslam is a clichéd, hackneyed, overdone, montage-filled paint-by-numbers tale of teenage angst, love, lessons about life, and triumph. And yet it’s still better than G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. As unoriginal, and at times truly awful, this film is, it’s also got a little spark which provides moments better than they have any right […]