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July 2008

According to, “The Dark Knight” is now “taking aim” at the U.S. box office champion of all time, James Cameron’s “Titanic.” so far, “The Dark Knight” has taken in a whopping $313 million following last weekend’s record breaking best-second-week performance ever of $75.2 million. “Titanic” is way ahead of everybody else at $600.8 million. […]


I’m having a bad day. A real bad day. So this is what you get, folks: a list of my top 10 favorite swearing movies. Be it a memorable scene, or an overall, total badass bout of creative cursing, these 10 films popped in my head tonight as I sit here in a terrible funk. […]


The science vs. faith argument bludgeons the audience and the central mystery has an absurdly silly resolution in this feature-length version of a mediocre TV episode.


A celebration of a genre-busting writer/rabble-rouser and an elegy for a time period when a freak like Hunter S. Thompson could get access to political leaders and actually affect radical change.


In this age of procedural crime dramas like “CSI” and “Law & Order: Endless Spinoff Unit,” it’s surprising that “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” chucks all that out the window and is content to rely almost solely on the same faith vs. science debate that Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) […]


OK, so after this past week, a lot of things are wrapped up for “The Dark Knight.” 1. The biggest-grossing weekend ever in America: $158 million 2. The biggest non-holiday Monday ever: $24.6 million 3. The fastest movie to gross $100 million ever: 5 days 4. At the conclusion of the film (SPOILER ALERT!), Batman […]


“Sex and the City,” “The X-Flies,” “Get Smart”: It is clear that adaptations of TV shows, both old and new, are going to continue to be made. The vast majority of them, it seems, are real stinkers (“Bewitched,” starring Will Ferrell) , but Hollywood keeps cranking them out (“The Land of the Lost,” starring Will […]


I blogged about this site before when they had hilarious Oscar-themed e-cards up and now there are some pretty funny ones inspired by the “X-Files” movie, which comes out this weekend (although you’d never know with all the “Dark Knight” hype out there right now). It’s kind of exciting (I think) that they’ve made another […]


The Dark Knight

by Eric Melin on July 17, 2008

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Christopher Nolan’s Batman epic may be a little overstuffed, but it’s also a riveting, morally complex tale with a standout villain and thrilling action. 


Eric and J.D. tackle the epic proportions of Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie “The Dark Knight” in this on-camera review, featuring clips from the much-anticipated movie. Can the film possibly live up to the enormous amount of pre-release hype? You know what we thought of the film– what did you think? Leave your comments below.


With “The Dark Knight” coming out this weekend and all the hype surrounding somebody other than the guy playing the title character, it’s not hard to figure out why this list is timely. Putting a ranking a list of tragic deaths seems kind of tasteless, but that’s the format of this column, so I’ll stick […]


Guillermo Del Toro’s love for creature features comes through, but his story is uncomfortably rote in this comic book sequel.


Eric and J.D. review “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” starring Ron Perlman and directed by Guillermo Del Toro. This review features tons of extended clips from the film, showcasing some badass special effects and creatures, which is something Del Toro is known for. But does the storytelling match Del Toro’s visual inventiveness? Watch this on-camera […]


Sorry this is so short this week, but I have no Internet access in the one room of my house that I’m living in right now…all apologies. After seeing the impressive new sci-fi movie “Wall-E,” I am convinced that it the only thing that makes it a “kids” movie is that Pixar studios has released […]


My love affair with Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece “Wall-E” is so absolute that it has inspired this list of my Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Movies, or savvy circuit-board flims. That is to say, more specifically films featuring memorable robots. It is entirely possible that robots and artificial-intelligence storylines have ultimately been best served by the […]