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May 2007

In the 6th grade I grabbed the opening tip-off in a little-league basketball game. I ran – dribbling like a champ – down the court and made a picture perfect lay-up. My exhilarated satisfaction came to a record-scratching halt as I turned, expecting to see joy and approval on the faces of my teammates, to […]


Writer/director Judd Apatow nails so many of the little details in romantic relationships in “Knocked Up” that its easy to forget sometimes that you’re watching an R-rated gross-out comedy. In fact, the screenplay is so prescient and the acting so naturalistic that you may forget you are watching a movie at all. To make it […]


Captain Jack Sparrow, as played by Johnny Depp, gets a queasy look on his face. Another Jack Sparrow stumbles up to his backside. As three more loopy Jack Sparrows look on, the first one clucks and lays an egg into the hands of the second. Apparently anything can happen in the land of the dead. […]


At the heart of the new indie romantic comedy “Waitress” are the creative concoctions of its title character, Jenna, played by Keri Russell. Pies have always been the truest expressions of her soul, and the patrons at Joe’s Pie Diner look forward to each delectable new recipe. I HATE MY HUSBAND PIE: Bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened. […]


You’d think that after two outings of post-modern fairy tale jokes that the makers of the “Shrek” series would have run out of gags to try to keep their valuable animated franchise afloat. From the fast-paced, often adult references that fly by in “Shrek the Third,” it is obvious that is not the case. This […]


Disappointment is always felt more deeply after there is a hint of good things to come. The first clue that the zombie sick-fest “28 Weeks Later” would be an inferior sequel to “28 Days Later” comes after a promising, slam-bang opening. Hiding in a cottage in the country with his wife, Don (Robert Carlyle) lets […]


Director Danny Boyle’s “28 Day Later” was a welcome twist to the zombie genre. Simple, stark and overwhelmingly British, it totally worked for me right up until the end -you know, when they ran into the military guys and the plot got stupid. Sadly Boyle is credited as a producer on “28 Weeks Later,” which […]


DVDs are a wonderful thing. Not only are we able to watch clear transfers of classic films, but it seems that every TV show under the sun is now available for hours and hours of couch potato pleasure. Need something to watch on a long hangover Sunday in front of the TV? Here are some […]


Here it is..from Eric and J.D have a first look review of “Spider-Man 3,” the most anticipated movie of the summer. Watch them play clips from the film and take on comic book fanboys and their own insecurities at the same time. Oh, the humanity! Click on the photo for the Windows Media version of […]


After two movies of reluctant hero Peter Parker learning that “with great power comes great responsibility,” it is a nice change of pace that “Spider-Man 3” is about something else entirely—forgiveness. It also takes a little bit of the audience’s forgiveness to accept this third installment as a worthy successor to what remains the best […]


I dearly wish I could have another go at Sam Raimi’s overwhelming “Spider-Man 3” before I take a crack at writing this review. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen, so here goes nothing, adventure fans. There’s no way to know for sure, but my guess is Raimi was thinking the likelihood everybody comes back to […]