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December 2006

Top 10 Movies of 2006

by Eric Melin on December 28, 2006

in Top 10s

* These lists were made at the close of 2006, and since Eric saw “Pan’s Labyrinth” in January of 2007, it didn’t make the list. Technically, it was rated as high as “Children of Men” and “Borat,“ so it should be #3!!! Eric’s List Children of Men : Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi drama has in spades […]


“Dreamgirls,” based on the 1981 hit Broadway play, has been hyped all year as a frontrunner for Best Picture, and now that it has finally arrived, it turns out to be as phony as Pat Boone covering a Little Richard tune. It is big and showy and loud, but director Bill Condon’s attempts to make […]


There are men who do the killing and then there are the men with the real power—the ones who order the kill. As far as espionage movies go, Robert DeNiro’s sophomore directorial effort “The Good Shepherd” probably gets closer to what it is really like in the shadowy business of state secrets than many other […]


Mel Gibson has served up a heaping helping of turkey dressing with his Christmas ode to the ancient Mayans, “Apocalypto.” Eric and J.D. just try to keep up with the madness in their loony review, featuring Scene-Sealers’ first foray into special effects! Click on the photo for the Windows Media version of this on-camera review.


“Eragon” is certainly a kids movie, but unlike “Harry Potter” or “Chronicles of Narnia” it doesn’t hold appeal for audiences young and old. I haven’t spoken with any ten-year-olds about “Eragon,” but I imagine even they would say this movie is for kids. With its characters and central narrative lifted almost directly from “Star Wars” […]


If you’re going to make a your statement with a conscientious issue film, then do it. If instead, you want to make a fast-paced action adventure movie with a top-of-the-A-list superstar, then blockbuster away. If you try to do it all at once, you had better have the right stuff. Because if you don’t, you […]


The term “auteur” is applied to those directors whose personal stamp is recognizable over their body of work. Similar subjects, stylistic choices and thematic elements can be found in the films of an auteur. Congratulations, Mel Gibson, you are now an auteur. Starring in “The Road Warrior” and all those “Lethal Weapon” movies obviously taught […]


“Blood Diamond” is an issue movie dressed up like a bloody action film. Or is it vice versa? In the tradition of director Edward Zwick’s other social statement films “Glory” and “The Last Samurai,” this one also revolves around a privileged group of people taking advantage of a less fortunate group. In this case, it […]