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June 2001

Steven Spielberg directs a movie with frighteningly enormous scope and ideas presented in this surprisingly adult film. The acting was first rate, and the first half seemed very much like a Stanley Kubrick movie. It was creepy how closely the script touched on many of the same themes as “2001:A Space Odyssey.” I’m still intrigued […]


Jonathan Glazer’s Sexy Beast is one of those rare contemporary thrillers that actually creates an unnerving sense of suspense, rather than rely on lame gun battles and car chases where you know exactly what the outcome will be. Surprisingly enough, this year, Memento and With A Friend Like Harry are already stellar examples of this. […]


…so we had 30 hours of driving to do in two days to get from Seattle to Minneapolis. Well, even if we woud’ve split it up, that’s still a total jackass ‘cuz it ruins both days. All driving, no shows, no fun. So we, the geniuses at Ultimate Fakebook central, drive 25 hours all the […]